Cicli Liotto Gino & Figli Snc, Via Ragazzi del '99,  Vicenza, Italy 
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Updated 8.28.2012

"Many Americans serving at Caserma Ederle and the surrounding
area bought bikes and brought them home."

    "Liotto was imported into the US by Gene Portuesi of Cyclo Pedia/Complete 
Book of Bicycling  (as an oft cited expert in that book) fame. He did this for a 
2-3 year period around 1971 or 1972 (Beginning with his 10th edition catalog)."  
                                                                            Todd Teachout

Mike Kimel and his Liotto bicycle he obtained
while in the Military service in Italy.

Mike's picture of Gino Liotto
and his 2 daughters

Caleb Hawley's Liotto frame set



A deluxe Liotto woman's bicycle
Photos courtesy George Michael


A "Super Liotto" bicycle
Photos courtesy George Michael