frame serial number registry


"It is said" (?) the first letter starts a "set".
The second letter's purpose is unknown.
The numbers thereafter are in sequence within these lettered sets.  By the 1970s there is a new system with only numbers.
  Serial number location on frame:
- 1940/50s: on the side of the seat tube top collar area.
- 1960s: on the back of the seat tube post collar area.

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Serial number

Year of manufacture

Michele Antonazzo   A 5801  
Vathis Spiros  Gran Sport  AM 946 1950?
Rory Mason Campagnolo Cambio Corsa dropouts. Pictures CB 2675 est. 1947-48.
Jan Chaluš   CF 4005  
Warren Meade  Has 4mm Campagnolo rear dropouts, early type Campag front fork ends,
original paint (most of the green flaked off.) with 3 pin crank set branded Legnano, fluted cast steel with 'C' stamped on the back of both cranks, and on the Bottom Bracket axle. Pictures
CJ 9195
on seat lug.
est. 1951
on eBay Roma with Paris-Roubaix gear  CO 5457 circa 1950
Jamie Raposa   CS 09773 ?
Jennifer Keys  Legnano cranks, Ballila brakes  X 7142 Owned since 1974.
Early '50s?
Alex Rosa Road, first gen Campy cranks, Legnano hubs, pedals Pictures DI 8226 early 1960s?
John Blanchard   Legnano DI 8535 bought it new in 1955
John Blanchard Roma, Legnano Hubs, Legnano Stem, Legnano Cranks read 55 on backside Campy Gran Sport rear der, Brooks saddle. Univeral Extra brakes DV 9113  Estimated at  1955
Hugh Thornton Tipo Roma - Campagnolo dropouts have the earlier 4mm adjuster screws.  DH 9384 1950 ?
unknown Roma with Campy Gran Sport dropouts with the 4mm adjuster screws.   DG 651 circa 1951
Van Royen  Roma Olimpiade E I864  1959?
Alex Rosas Roma 1st gen Record crankset, 1st style Record headset. Legnano branded Record hubs, Ambrosio alloy bar/stem both Legnano branded. E 5789
(on back of
seat lug)
Andrea Risolč Gran Premio pictures (restored) EA 7982 early 1960s
Paul Stevenson  w/Campag Gran Sport group & Brooks saddle EG 5188 bought second hand 1961
Roberto Girola Model 50 Gran Sport   EH 9733 ?
Steve Ardito 
model Gran Premio
EL 3761  1959  based on the dated crank set
Charles Ognibene As purchased w/complete Campagnolo, Unica seat and Universal center pulls. EM 8291 Purchased July 20,1961
from Don Ferguson, San Gabriel Bicycle Shop.
Ken Wehrenberg Mod. Roma Olympiade- Campagnolo GS steel der, Campy crank with the inner pedal cover. Universal CPs. Brooks narrow-railed Campagnolo model saddle. Blue.  EP 1403 Orig owner bought in 1961
Norman Illsley Mod. Grand Premio, original blue paint, decals, cables, wheels EP 5697 used in 1960 in San Luis Obispo, CA
Sam Lanfranco Road with Campagnolo, Brooks, Ambrosio components EP 5720
(on side of seat tube)
Orig owner, bought in California circa 1961-62
Robert Clair Rome Olympic. chrome seat tube bands, front lugs, crown, and partial rear stays. EP 5730 ?
Ryan Dawson Grand Premio, white/red   EP 5940 sold new in 1956-57
Art Link Gran Premio (no slot in seat tube) 58 cm c-c, chrome head lugs EP 5947 early 1960's
Brian Samson Roma Olimpiade, green, 58 cm  Falck tubing, Gran Sport components, hub locknuts & Brooks saddle dated 1960. (The first owner was Paul Marashian of Fresno, who won it in 1961 His name is engraved on the chromed fork blades.) EP 6534 1960 or 61
David Cowie Roma Olimpiade, 61 Universal brakes, Campy GS front der., forward seat bolt and seat collar. Blue   EP 8620 1959/60
Mark Campbell  58cm. Mod. 50 Gran Sport. Magistroni for Legnano cranks stamped 60 on the backside of the right arm.  Campagnolo Sport 1006/A hubs stamped Legnano, locknut stamped 60. Condorino handlebars w brake levers stamped Legnano.  Serial No. stamped vertically on the right side of the seat lug. EP 9460 1960
Jelmen Roorda Roma olimpiade, olive green  Campag dropouts and headset, chrome forks and lugs, Brevetta saddle, universal extra brakes . EQ 1910  
Jeff Lundberg Premio w/branded Record hubs and Ambrosio bars with Campy bar end shifters
ER 6617  
Peter White

Legnano  Roma Olimpiade  w/early Campag chainset with the narrower square cranks.

ER 3781 "Purchased from the Legnano factory in Milan 1960/1"
Ted Ernst 60 cm  road, Weinmann 999, squarish campy cranks  EO 1928 1959/60 ?
Juan Esteban Martinez Lightweight city bike with Campagnolo Sport derailleurs. Pictures ET 8956 1960
Joseph Tynan Grand Premio model w/bronze headbadge, Campy dropouts and Universal Extra brakes.  EU 3000 1960 or 1961?
Chris Wimpey Pista  EU 3276 ?
Dick McKee Legnano Roma, restored Pictures EU 6191 1962
(orig owner)
Norm Lafleur  Roma Olimpiade Pista, blue  Pictures EU 7638 1960s
Ford Kanzler Orig. color was brown. Serial # is stamped vertically on the right side of the seat lug. EU 9483 late 1960s?
Paul Culver Gran Premio "had this frame built into a bike in Berkeley, California with campy hubs, derailleurs, gears, and headset" EU 9515 1971
Joey Ogden   EU 9530  
Henry Lesovsky   EV 1443 Bought at flea market about 30 years ago.
Uwe Just Legnano Roma Olimpiade w/1st generation Campagnolo crank set and matching pista pedals,
1962 Campagnolo large flange hubs, 27.0 mm Campagnolo seat post, Titan stem, Mafac Racer Dural Forge brakes, Campagnolo open C shifter levers. Campagnolo Gran Sport rear and front derailleur, Fiamme red logo ferruled tubular rims Pictures
EV 6547  from 1966?
Bill Price Tipo Roma pista  Picture EX 2224 early 1960s
Tselot Kifle Silver, Campy dropouts, Gran sport derailleurs, Ambrosio stem, Universal mod. 61 brakes. Seat post binder bolt under front of seat lug  EX 3625 1961
Larry Crowton Original owner. Silver paint, Campy gear, Legnano seat, Universal brakes.  EX 6720 1962
Donald Marshall Gran Premio Campagnolo drop outs on the rear only. (fronts  stamped steel.) Originally equipped with Campagnolo “Sportman” hubs (1961) Originally red in color (not shown as avail in literature) Pictures EX 7122 1961
(verified by dates on   Campagnolo hub lock washer and stamp inside  crank arms.)
David DeRose    EX 7146 1961?
Paul Sievers 58 cm w Legnano cottered bottom bracket and Campy downtube shifters. EY 458
(on right side of seat tube.)
Robert della Santina Lime green, red pin striping, Brooks B17 Competition EY 7942 discovered in shipping company basement in Florence in 1965
David Milin City bike Pictures EY 9880 This was his fathers bike
Charles Smith Legnano Gran Premio, decal reads "6 Volte Campione Del Mondo" 53938
(first 3 is upside down)
On the bottom bracket
purchased used in 1965
Aldo Ross Tipo Gran Premio, Campy "no Record" hubs/locknuts dated 1961, 26.4mm seat post, Campy rear dropouts only (unmarked fork ends), 1-pc stamped & welded headtube/headlugs, no slot cut into seatlug at binder bolt. EX 8431
(on side of seat lug)
Jongjit Wongsomnoek Red strada w/ Campagnolo parts and crank marked Legnano F 0597 1961?
Eric Robert Mod. Gran Premio w/Legnano/Magistroni crank set, headset, Campy Gran Sport FD, RD. Univ 61 brakes/levers. FA 4173 1962?
Harold Martin Gran Premio blue 59 M w/ Campagnolo Gran Sport r der  FA 6792 1962?
Noah Behnke  Pista, blue FA 7452 ?
Vincent Vialogos
Track bike
FA 7454 Est. to be late 1940s to early 50s
Aldo Ross Probably a Roma Olimpiade, braze-on threaded stud for centerpull brake hanger, 26.8mm seatpost, Campy dropouts and fork ends, seat lug with slot cut into seat tube and top tube at binder bolt. FA 7462
(on back of seat lug)
Robert St.Cyr     Gran Premio FA 8212
(vertically on the right side of the seat lug)
John Romano  Original except for wheels/tires and seat. FA 9368
  (on back of seat tube)
Cory Gutshall  Roma Olimpiade. Campy drop outs and fork ends  Picture  FA 9376 1961-62
(second owner)
Nick Thelen Strada Pictures  FE 5996 1966?
Steve Light Roma Olympiade.  All Campagnolo & bar end shifters w/ Universal center-pull brakes. Brooks leather saddle. FE 7087 bought new 1965 for $175
Kirkland Smidt Yard sale "find", equipped with parts circa 1959-1960  FE 7113 ?
David Cowie Roma, w/cable stop front NR der., forward seat bolt, 61 Universal brakes. Legnano green FE 7115 1960/61?
Dale Brown Unknown model, moderate level NOS bike: white enamel w fenders, steel bolt on Legnano hubs, steel clincher rims w Pirelli tires, Record rear & Gran Sport ft der., Universal size pull brakes. FE 9544
(vertically on the right side of the seat lug)
mid to late 1960s?
Alvaro Fontán Picture FF 680 ?
Fred Tepfer   151 BCD cranks, cast metal head badge, Campag headset, Record derailleurs, Record steel-cage pedals , Ambrosio stem & bars, Universal Mod. 61 brakes FF 5587 mid-1960s?
Tim_Kershaw Gran Premio, lizard yellow, 57 cm, Universal brakes, Campagnolo Record mechs and shifters, Legnano cranks, matching pump. Picture FH3925 ?
Scott Payton   FL 1228 1950s?
Dean Pickett Campagnolo Gran Sport  f &  rear derailleur & hubs,  Universal 61 brakes,  Ambrosia Stem. FL 1737 1959-1961
Norm Lafleur Roma Olimpade road bike in Legnano green. Pictures FL 2283 60's?
Bill Davis  Gran Premio, dark gold original finish FL 6292 Mid 1960s?
Gene Morris Lime Green  Gran Premio, decal reads "6 Volte Campione Del Mondo"
Campy brakes and derailleur 
FL 6325 "Purchased new in NYC, New York in 1965 when I was 16 years old."
John Houghton  
Legnano Green w/red highlights
FL 6435
(vertically on the right side of the seat lug)
Purchased from Mike's Bike Shop in Detroit in 1963/64.
Cordell L Lowery   FF 4537
On back of seat lug
Frank Martin Red & white. Campagnolo Record rear der, crankset and pedals. Ambrosio handle bar & stem.  Italia leather seat. FL9184 1963-65?
Lavoie Gervais (second owner)   F0 6895 1968?
Tim Prophit  Brevettata folding 3 speed pictures FP 1246 ?
Theresa Hertz Pista FP 2866 ?
Mark Campbell
Model Roma Olympiade, in yellow green metallic, 57cm c-to-c,  Universal 61 brakes, Campagnolo Record components, w/locknuts stamped 65, Brooks Pro w brass rivets, Fiamme Red label, Ambrosio Grand Prix stem stamped w/Legnano, w/recessed binder bolt,  Silca pump matching frame color marked Legnano. pictures
FR 2262 1966-67
Roberto Girola  Model. 50 Gran Sport RP 8777 1965
Muhammad Taufik Picture #13
(on RH side seat lug, no letters)
 early 1970s?
Alberto Casonato Legnano City Picture #13 ?
Franco Faletti Legnano Sport #18 1967
Randy Fox Gran Premio  #18
on the right side of the seat tube lug.
? Early 1970s
Elbertini Perez Pista  50 cm pictures (restored) #28 owned since 1968
Gary Bartoletti  Corsa, 57 cm C-T-T. Campagnolo Valentino, Brooks, Universal, Weinmann, Mavic. #29 circa 1970
David Caswell Gran Premio "Legnano green"  #30 1973
 (purchased new in 1977 as bare frameset.)
Lloyd Burgess  Gran Premio  #30
on the side of the seat tube
Bought, second hand from a bike shop in Auckland, NZ between 1970-1975. 
Peter Stock  Gran Premio  #30
on the side of the seat tube
Bought used,  complete (with NR group w high flange campy hubs from a bike shop on Yorkville Ave in Toronto, Canada
Jeff Lundberg Premio, raced in the 70's, put on garage wall in 1980 Decal for head badge.  #30 1973
Mario Romeo Roma Olympiade with Campagnolo, Universal 61 brakes, Legnano panto stem and hubs, Brooks saddle #36
with no letters
Mike Rathwell Roma, 56cm. serial number on back of seat tube collar.  "1 of 6 that were ordered for a racing team near Guelph, Ont., Canada"  #37
& no letters.
Stan Shepherd Perhaps a Tipo Gran Premio, 26.4mm seat post. Chromed lugs, rear ends, crown and front fork ends. Campagnolo rear ends and fork dropouts. #38
on side of seat lug
Mid 1960s?
Francesco Bergonzoni Campagnolo Record except the crank set, marked Legnano.  Universal Extra mod. 51 brakes. Pictures #41 
on the right of the seat tube
Looks mid to middle 1960s
Gianfranco Rossion 55 cm  #46
on seat tube
(#26 on the bottom bracket)
Randy Fox Gran Premio  #49 
on the right of the seat lug.
? Early 1970s
Bill Kloos Model Roma, w/seat bolt in/front of lug/under top tube. #0173 1973?
Louis Giraud Olimpiade Record Specialisima. Green gold w/ Campy components  #222
on seat tube
aFther bought in Milan 1970
Michael Doyle Blue, road, bronze head badge, seat post binder under seat lug... #273
on bottom of the bottom bracket
from Oscar Juner, American Cyclery, San Francisco
Tom Horsley Legnano  "greeny blue" 1143 ?
Bob Freitas  Roma , serial under BB 1157 R  1971
Kyle Esparza Legnano Olympia 1464R ?
Carlos Ovalle  Roma(?)  1488 R
stamped under the BB shell.
John Crump Road, Reynolds 531 DB 1600R Orig. owner purchased  1973
Sally Winnenberg   1737 R
stamped under the BB shell.
Jeff Davis All Campy Record w/ bar end shifters and first gen.
Cinelli 1/A stem (w/7mm bolt) & bars (with a drill out for the cables) Universal Mod. 61 center pull levers/brakes,
Fiamme sewup rims.
6218 R
(R for Reynolds?)
Dale Brown Pista, full chrome, seat post binder under top tube and ahead of seat post. Brand graphics stenciled on 6148 R ?
Thomas Lauer Seat post binder under top tube and ahead of seat post.  Pictures 6194 D 1972
Purchased from Thomas Avenia in NYC
Jesus DeMolina Has the unique seat binder bolt. Seat stay tops are bullet shaped. Campagnolo headset, down tube shifters, pedals & rear hub, Stronglight cranks, ttt Record stem and 3ttt Olympic bars.  006259
stamped under the BB shell.
Jerry Shere  "Olimpiade Record Specialissima"  54 cm, 531 tubing. Campagnolo Record w/Univ 61 center pulls. Conventional seat post binder bolt behind seat post. 31439 Purchased in Boulder, CO in mid 1970s
Andy  Stewart    31449 ?
Fred Beavers Orig. owned by Bob Cook, ridden in the 1974 Jr Worlds. 31521 1974 or earlier
Peter Westerholm Track bike. Full campy 31706 Very early 1970’s
Allen Browning  Legnano Road racer – Blue 31775 ?
Allen Browning   Road racer – Red 31820 ?
Ken Varney Road with fenders Pictures 321+3  ?
Oran Sands   Super Corsa. Black w/white trim. Chrome lugs.  Reynolds 531db.  Campy Nuovo Record w/ Universal cp brakes  Full aluminum fenders painted and trimmed to match. Pirelli sew-ups on Fiamme rims. Unicanitor saddle. 3T bar and stem 32353 Orig. owner
John Crump 531 tubing TS 1600R 1973
Albert Nitowski Professional 62 cm, red, all Campy Nouvo Record equipment. Universal center pull brakes. Chrome lugs. 32515 Orig owner bought Sept. 1974 in New Haven, CT
Scott DeJong Legnano Gran Premio, 57cm, original greenish gold finish, mostly original 740066 ?
Topher Hedrick Mountain bike 982957 ?
from components looks to be early 1990s

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