originally 67 Via M. Gioia, Milano

                                       Updated 10.11.2015

One of the unsung masters of modern racing bikes.. Galmozzi is known to Italian cognoscenti as a name as respected as Cinelli, Masi or others... A small shop without the pretensions or ambition to make many bicycles, Galmozzi is known instead for excellence in art and performance.

    Special thanks to Mr. Takao Noda who shared his first hand knowledge of the Galmozzi workshop and is the owner of the bicycles pictured here.


1950s Galmozzi


1960s Galmozzi

 1960s Galmozzi


pictures by Hilary Stone


Late 1960s Galmozzi Strada

Jim Bolivar's  Galmozzi

Circa 1983 Galmozzi