Bicycle Frame serial numbers

Placed in ascending serial number order....

Updated 12.24.2019 




Serial number

Approximate date of manufacture
(estimates made
by owners)

1 David Beck The BB spindle and fixed cup are both marked “Frejus 33”. Pictures 11475 1933
2 Oscar Leone  Pista 03006 1950s
3 George Strickler 

55 cm c-c seat tube. 57 cm c-c top tube. 110 cm wheelbase. O.M.A.C. Cambio Sport derailleur, ABT steel hubs, Ambrosio tubular rims.  


est. 1948

4 Santiago del Diestro Super Corsa (Torino) 01149 1948
5 "Coventryeagle48" Model Super Corsa,  Libelulla tubing, Cambio Corsa rear dropouts, Oiler ports on head tube & bbkt. Pictures 012835 est 1949
6 Kevin Gosney

58 cm C-T-T, Italian Libelulla (dragonfly) tubing. Campagnolo Cambio Corsa rear dropouts, but Simplex Tour de France f & r derailleurs. Oiler ports on head tube & bbkt. Head badge denotes World Champion 1948, Ambrosio stem is stamped 1949.  Low flange, three-piece FB hubs


1949 or 1950

7 Ignacio Guasch   012942 1950s
8 Marijo Lackovic Was owner's grandfather's Pictures 014202 1946?
9 Jan  Klimeš

Cambio Corsa derailleur system  Pictures



10 Hugh Thornton

Model M Supercorsa.  Simplex derailleur hanger.  Simplex gear lever boss.  Cable stops for rear derailleur cable and rear brake cable.  Oiler ports on head and bracket.  Headbadge inscribed "Campione del Mondo 1930-33-48"



11 Mick Smith

Road bike Pictures



12 Howard Bollands

Model Supercorsa



13 Jeff Luther

Made in Torino, 2 grease nipples: 1 on back side of head tube; 1 on the top of bb Headbadge

27734  1

"late '50s,"

14 Fred James

Simplex derailleur hanger



15 Chris Wood  

(Original Owner: Freddie Anderson.)
Model Pista, 56 cm. Libellula (Italian for Dragonfly) tubing. Head badge inscribed "Campione del Mondo 1930-32-48-51". Nickel plate w/clear coat - original finish.
Dark blue head tube and seat lug 'window'.


Approx. 1952

16 Kevin Woest Mod. TdF  31016 ?
17 David Staudache Pictures 31642 ?
18 Stephen Outterbridge Tour de France 32349 Orig owner, purchased in 1974
19 Chris Wood

Model M Supercorsa, 58 cm. Simplex fork-ends, derailleur hanger and gear lever boss. Cable stops for rear derailleur and rear brake cable. Oilers on head tube and bottom bracket. Libellula (Italian
for Dragonfly) tubing. Head badge inscribed "Campione del Mondo 1930-32-48-51". Nickel plate w/clear coat  original finish. Dark blue head tube and seat lug 'window'. Original decals. (Original Owner: John Vogt.)


Approx. 1953.

20 Chris Wood

Model M Supercorsa, 58 cm. Simplex fork-ends, derailleur hanger and gear lever boss. Cable stops for rear derailleur and rear brake cable. Oilers on head tube and bottom bracket. Libellula (Italian for Dragonfly) tubing. Head badge inscribed "Campione del Mondo 1930-32-48-51". Refinished 1991 in silver metallic grey and cobalt blue by CyclArtist. Frame Number . Rebuilt with 1950's period equipment.
(Historical: This frame was reportedly used by the original owner in a Canadian qualifying race for the 1954 British Empire Games Road Race in British Columbia, Canada. Unfortunately, he did not qualify.)(Original owner: Bill Kastens).

(the preceding 0 was missed).

Approx. 1953

21 Joe Luongo   32893 Early 1950s?
22 Peter Soroos

56 cm track bike.


Original owner. Purchased from Mike Walden's bike shop Detroit, MI in 1953-55.

23 Michael Shiffer

Pista; originally red with blue head tube & seat tube panels.  The serial number is stamped on the seat tube under the seat lug on the left. 


The head badge lists CdM through 1955, so suspect it is a 1956 or 57.

24 John Proch

Frejus Super Corsa 

(Has "MH" on the BB shell)


25 J.C. Kovach

candy apple red +silver-gray & chrome


purchased through Huffman racing team member in Dayton, Ohio around 1964

26 Jay Love   67191

"Mid to Late

27 Martial Thiebaux

Torino MC56. Original 1958 Campagnolo components. Balilla side-pulls, Magistroni crank and Ambrosio handlebars both stamped FREJUS. Un-pointed 'acorn' frame decal.


Est.  1958

28 Leroy Eckardt

Tour de France, red/chrome, Campy Record, All still original 


original owner, purchased 1960, South San Francisco, CA

29 Ted Wallace Pista frame chrome Torino, Campione de Mondo   51 cm 72304 (Second owner?) Purchased at Kissena Track, Queens NY 1979
30 Douglas Wright

 MC56 Super Corsa in candy apple red. Chrome forks, head lugs & rear stays.  Equipt w/ Campagnolo Gran Sport, Everest 4 speed FW, Gnutti fluted cranks, Weinmann center pulls, Ideal saddle. 


Head badge reads  "Campione del Mondo 1930 to 1955" so 1955~56?

31 Stanislav Georgiev




32 Jerry Tenenberg

Frejus Torino with braze on DT shifters Picture gallery


59 manufacture sold in 60

33 Ed Miszkiewicz

 "Tour De France" candy apple red, "1950" on the seat tube TdF map decal. Campy Gran Sport derailleurs



34 Eric Blumberg

 “Tour de France” 58 cm



35 Ron Heyer  



36 John Katsaras Frejus Supercorsa Picture gallery 77596 Sold on May 22, 1962 by Broadmoor Bicycle Shop, 98 San Pedro Road, Daly City, CA
37 Jurgen Kastner   78612 ?
38 Henry Cox

Track frame, Pictures


mid 1950s?

39 Bruce Braley
Columbus tubing w/Campag dropouts, oil fitting rear of head tube and bbkt. top  Chromed complete fork, head lugs &  6"  seat & chain stays. Dark blue w/red head tube & silver panels on the down and seat tubes. Rod control Benelux f. der. Cinelli chrome steel bars & stem.  Frejus headset. Magistroni steel cottered cranks w/50-48 chainrings. Campagnolo steel center/alloy flange hubs.
on left side, top of the seat tube +
 bbbkt   stamped MC60 (it's a 60cm c-t)


40 Scott Calhoun red frame 81557  
41 eBay

56 cm road Picture



42 Brad Sasher

Mod. Olympian



43 Scott Baxter

BB stamping, MC58, Simplex frt dropouts, Campy rear dropouts, oiling hole in BB and head tube.



44 Rick Scott Columbus tubing, candy apple red, original Brooks saddle, mostly Campagnolo 85936 1958 -1959? Bought in 1961 from orig owner who purchased it new two years earlier.
45 Jay Love

Grass green Campag stamped drop-outs, oiler ports. Headbadge


Late 1950s early 1960s? (based on
original headbadge)

46 Joe Bender-Zanoni

Pista w first gen Campag Record



47 Amir Avitzur  Professional Pista, Ferrari Red 86383  
48 Alan Johnson   87202  
49 George Mazow

2 oiler fittings.


This owner since 1971

50 Jon Jamieson Universal cp brakes, Centre pulls, Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleurs & shifters. Frejus 50/40 cranks & pedals. 5 sp FW, Campagnolo 360, “Toro” rims 87314  
51 Terry Harvey   89818 Late 1960s?
52 Dick Harmon

 "Professional Road", white Columbus tubing,  Campy components


Purchased used 1968 in Columbus OH

53 Levi Dominguez  



54 James Lanman Frejus Torino, blue 90256 "Purchased used from a racer in Grove City, Ohio in 1965 or 66"
55 Ric Bejcek Campy Gran Sport w/ Universal cp brakes. red with chrome fork ends & stay ends. Campy dropouts. Both Columbus and Reynolds double butted tubing. 91977

(Second owner, bought in Fall of 1974.)

56 Gene Notz

Olive green and white with chrome Lugs. Campagnolo Grand Sport , Universal center pull brakes


Bought in Rochester N.Y. in 1960.

57 Joan Dejulian Linden

Purchased new from Eugenio 'GENE' Portuesi from his Detroit Cycle Sport Shop in the early 1960s.


 early 1960s

58 Giuliano Gava Pista, 58cm grey & red 92632


59 Paul Murphy  



60 Chuck Schmidt

mod. Tour de France,
candy apple red,  "1950" on the seat
tube TdF map decal.


Bought new in 1962

61 Paul Dault  road bike  93206 purchased used in 1967
62 Kevin Kruger
Mod. Professional, grease port on head tube and BB shell.   Campagnolo crank arms have raised pedal lips.  Hubs axle locknuts are dated "62".
93775 1962
(Original WASTYN CYCLE, Chicago decal!)
63 Paul Eric Felder 

Professional Record Super Corsa, Campagnolo Grand Sport/Record. 58cm. Black with white panels


1962 or 1963

64 Roger Hirsch   94063 ?
Chuck Rogers

Mod. Torino, steel cranks and chainwheel but Campy hubs,
derailleyrs, shifters.



66 Owen Myers

 Oilers on head tube and on BB



67 Cliff Feldman

61cm (24"), red with blue head tube, Reynolds 531 w/ chrome frork tips, crown, stays, lubrication fitting on head tube and bbkt shell. Bronze Grand Sport rear der. Universal Side-pull brakes


Bought from Sim's Bike Shop in Harlem, NY in 1963.  The bike was about a year old

68 Steven Johnson 

Road, all chrome, full Campy, Gran Sport derailleurs, Ambrosia Champion stem, Universal Model 61 cp stamped MC R 56.  lube fittings on the head tube and bottom bracket.


Bought used in 1965

69 Rolf Bayer Pista 60 cm c-to- top. 94427 est. 1963
70 Steve Hammond  Frejus Torino, red  94834 "purchased in a garage sale in Burbank, CA in 1978 for $40."
71 Tom Bates  Originally chrome, a 56 or 58 stamped on the bb shell. 95033
near the top of the seat tube.
72 Michael Shiffer

model Tour de France


"lock nuts on the front wheel are dated 1962"

73 Stevan Thomas

Road, mod, Tour de France w/ Campag Gran Sport equipment


"The mid 50s to
early 60s"

74 Matt Gorski

Road, w/Campy Gran Sport  Pictures



75 Michael Shiffer

model Tour de France


"lock nuts on the front wheel are dated 1962"

76 Bill Suter

Chartreuse green with chrome lugs,
Campagnolo derailleurs, Ambrosia headset/bars


Purchased new from Cleveland Wheelman Club in 1964 

77 Joel Schwartz

Torino, bronze with red decal trim, a red and blue name plate, Balilla center pull brakes,  balance of components are Campy Record.


Purchased from Tom Avenia in 1961 by Percy Reid Sr. of Philadelphia, PA

78 Michael Shiffer Full chrome, 58 cm, Campy "Sportman" (sic) derailleur, Simplex alloy chain rings Balilla brake hoods. 98106 Hubs are dated 1960
79 Bob Graham   98397


80 John Langbein  


1967 from McLean cycles (just outside Washington DC).

81 David Burr  Pista 100103 1962ish
82 Ron Alexander Full chrome, Campagnolo Sportman rear der., Balilla brakes  pictures 100116 ?
83 George McLaughlin  




84 Bill Howard

Road, chrome with blue bands pictures



85 S. Beaty  Frejus (Torino) 108009 purchased Wastyn Cycle, Chicago
86 Tony Rodgers Pista, light metallic blue pictures 100927  
87 G. Lynas


(56 under crank)


88 Bill Howard

Track, pictures



89 Tom Leigh

58 cm Pro track, Campagnolo Record group, mother of pearl


1963, purchased new from Ray Florman's A-1 Bicycle Sales, St. Louis, MO

90 George Lawton

58 cm Pro track, Campagnolo Record group, blue pearl


1963, purchased new from Ray Florman's A-1 Bicycle Sales, St. Louis, MO

91 Ed Ruesing

58 cm Pro track, Campagnolo Record group, blue pearl


Hang tag dated "23 October 1963" purchased new from Ray Florman's A-1 Bicycle Sales, St. Louis, MO

92 G. Lynas


(#58 under crank)


93 Ed Ruesing

60 cm Pro track, Campagnolo Record group, blue pearl


1963, purchased new from Ray Florman's A-1 Bicycle Sales, St. Louis, MO

94 Rex Allen Gooch Pista, 22", mother of pearl finish,  Campy cranks.  101255 Purchased used on 16th birthday April 1970 from Ray Florman Sr at A1 Cycle, Brentwood, MO
95 Luca Adami  Tour de France Pictures 101397


96 Alvin McClure

Road bike


Acquired used 1974

97 Geoff Waters

Frejus track bike; black, gold head and twin gold bands on seat tube. Restored by Garth 'Faggi' Thompson & Dave Wiseman in Durban, South Africa



98 David Argent

 Orig olive green/brown colour 


Bought second hand in 1974.

99 Margaret Benkert Red road orig cost $110 from Gene Portuesi’s Cyclo-Pedia, Detroit, as with #103683 and #104035 below.  103678 mid 1960s
100 Catherine Benkert White road   103683 mid 1960s
1001 David Bilenkey Road  103857 1965 or earlier
102 Al Williams "Tour de France", w/Ballila center-pull brakes, Campy Sportsman rear derailleur, Campy Gran Sport front d, three-pin cottered cranks, Campy Tipo hubs. 104031 purchased from Gene Portuesi in Detroit in June 1963
103 Carl Benkert

Chrome green road


mid 1960s

104 Thomas Beck Tour de France  Pictures 104047  
105 Aiden F. Tour de France 104050  
106 Thomas Beck Tour de France  104051  
107 Skip Montanaro Pictures 104060 Originally sold by Wastyn Cycles, Chicago
108 Fred P. Platt Jr.

Road racer, chrome finish, red graphics. Columbus Campy Gran-Sport derailleurs. Pictures


purchased new in 1965. 

109 Scott Gabriel

Frejus "Torino" Light blue metallic w/ream head tube. 61 cm c-to-top. Full Campagnolo Record group. Universal 61 brakes. Nisi tubular rims on "no record" HF hubs. Aluminum Frejus mud guards. Modified when purchase new w/"City bike" style Frejus bars with integral Frejus brake levers. 


Purchased by original owner in 1963 NYC

110 Will James 60cm c-to-c, stamped 62 on the BB shell # 105443  
111  Tom Lonzi Original parts except NOS Universal 61 cps and Super Champion red label rims.  Ted Smith was the U.S. National  Omnium Champion for 1945,1947 & 1948, on the 1948 Olympic team and a professional 6 day racer. Ted was inducted into the U.S.A. Bicycling Hall of Fame in 1991. 105455 Purchased by Ted Smith in 1964 in Toronto Canada.
112 Jim Bowen

Originally Olive Green, no badge, chrome lugs, fork &rear dropouts.
Grease fittings on headset & crank
Full Campy


Purchased used appx 1970 in NY/NJ

113 Ronald Odle

58 cm road champagne and dark red 


purchased new in Germany by a friend
around 1970

114 Roy  Drinkwater




115 Richard Katz

Road w/oilers in both the head tube and bottom bracket.


Purchased from Oscar Wastyn (Jr.) at Oscar Wastyn Cycles, Chicago.

116 Larry Routt

 Mother of Pearl.


purchased from Highland Cycle in Louisville, Ky. 1962.

117 George Strickler Pictures 105753 Bought new from Thomas Avenia 1969 or 70
118  Ji Hwan Kim

Frejus Torino 56cm Pista with original L. Magistroni cranks set and B.B.



119 Marty Jacobson Pista  Polished chrome with all campy and cinelli stem and bars 106017


120 Tony Blalock Pista  106041


121 Matt Miller

Pista,  FB hub, Fiamme rims, cottered Magistroni, baby blue with cream colored head tube.


1960 ?

122 Matthew Bowne Pista.  Burgled in LA area on Oct. 2016. Theft eventually has lead to an eBay buyer in Madison, WI. Outcome TBA. Pictures 106117

early 1960s?

123 Dan Jankowski

Torino track, belonged to my Grandfather.


early 1960s?

124 Richard Florman  56 cm, mother of pearl track bike, Campagnolo Record equipped 106178 purchased mid 60s from A-1 Bicycle Sales, St. Louis, Mo
125 Pete Rutledge




126 Matt Mallay

62cm Track, black w/ off-white bands 



127 Justo (Tito) Arenas

Delux Campy track, metallic blue, TTT adjustable stem, Reynolds 531


1963? (purchased used from Thomas Avenia 9/6/66)

128 Bill Spangler

60cm track bike, black with cream decals.


Orig owner Otto Major, a Baltimore racer. Purchased from from Tommy Avenia in the "60s. Was told that bike had come out of "Fausto Coppi's stable"

129 Scott Calhoun  blue and white 106399  
130 David DeRose Model Corsa, has Wastyn Chicago decal  106757


131 Bob Burns

Pista, pearl blue frame with full chrome forks, chrome lugs and rear ends. Campagnolo Record chain set, Cinelli bars and stem and Campag seat post. Campag hubs with blue anodized large flanges.



132 Mary McKane

Blue w/chrome bands, mod. Tour de France. Sticker from Wastyn's in Chicago



133 Ted Hall

Road bike


 Purchased from Highland Cycle, Louisville, Kentucky in 1965.

134 Richard Florman

58 cm Pro road, Campagnolo Record group, blue pearl


1965, purchased new from Ray Florman's A-1 Bicycle Sales, St. Louis

135 Ed Ruesing

60 cm Pro road, Campagnolo Record group, blue pearl


1965, purchased new from Ray Florman's A-1 Bicycle Sales, St. Louis

136 Frank Haas   Reynolds 531 tubing 108234


137 Enrico Mezzacappa

Frejus woman's w/151 mm cranks & Record rear der.



138 John Groom Cherry red, silver and chrome.  54 stamped in bottom bracket  108470


139 Mike Rathwell  Reynolds 531, 56 cm square, Campy drop outs, oil port on the top of bbkt & head tube.  108547  
140 Jay Love

Copper Fully painted fork, campagnolo
stamped drop-outs, oiler ports.


early-mid 1960s?

141 Justin Stanbridge   108664


142 Bianca Ballara

 Frejus Torino, green women's model, painted logo on frame says "Frejus Torino Depositata"



143 Dave Perry

Road touring model,
chartreuse green, chrome lugs.



144 Louis Mannie Lionni

62 cm Pro road, Campagnolo Record group, chartreuse frame with chrome ends.


Bought new at the factory in Torino in +/- 1963.

145  Marty Lubin 

metallic red paint with grey head tube.


bought new in 1966 from Tommy Avenia, NYC

146 Guy Hankel

Frejus Torino, 56cm, black, Campagnolo Record group


circa 1966-67.

147 M. Weiss

Green road


bought new in late 1960s from Tommy Avenia, NYC

148 George Gama Tan and red. Near mint condition RA680 19013 Bought from original owner, said to be 1968 model
149 Johann Stauch The head badge reads CAMPIONE del MONDO and the bottom of the badge reads CAMP. OLIMPIONICO. MC 58 R owned this bike since 1972 and it was bought form the first owner. From Mikes Bike Shop in the Detroit
150 Jay Love

Baby blue, chrome fork, Campag drop-outs, oiler ports on headtube and bottom bracket.

L 174

 mid 1960s?

151 John Pergolizzi Picture L 607 1969, bought from Wastyn's in Chicago, IL.
152 Andy Speier  


late 60s

153 Martin Piper    L 199 on side of seat tube & XL in BB shell.

late 60s

154 Marco Rueda Frejus ladies model, full Campagnolo Record L242


155 Ron Portland Frejus Tour de France, chrome, X on crank bottom, no serial number on frame  Serial # on accompanying tag L 258 New from Thomas Avenia NYC, May 3 1968 for $152.28 incl. $7.28 sales tax.
156 Paul Eric Felder

Super corsa white with Red Panels 62 cm 



157 David Johnson

Campy w/Universal cp brakes, Reynolds 531

848 R


158 Jim Parsons

Road, purchased  from Oscar Watsyn's, formerly owned by USA Olympian, Bob Vehe

855 R

late 60s or early 70s

159 Greg T

"purchased re-painted with no decals in 1970."

974 R


160 David Sherman  Frejus (restored) 10048 (on side of lower  seat tube)  
John Petronis

Came with chrome fenders.

1080 F

Purchased from Thomas Avenia in June 1971.

162 Frank Gentile “Azzurra blue frame, Campagnolo NR gruppo. 1082 F purchased used in 1982 from College Cyclery, Reno. 
163 Drew McAuliffe    1110 F


164 Garry LaRocca Pista light blue and chrome 1140 R


165 G. Lynas


1147 R


166 Cliff ____ Frame set, 24 1/2" full chrome with blue head tube, Campag dropouts & headset 1151 D


167 Matt Speier

Road, silver with red head tube.

1162 R

1970(?) from Tom Avenia in NYC

168 Michael Shiffer

Road, blue w/ white head tube & seat tube bands, Univ c-pulls, Reynolds 531



169 Mark Fremeau  



170 Phil Ocasio Model Super Corsa, red & white. Pictures 1579 ?
171 Mark Waite

60 cm, turquoise green, off-white and chrome 



172 Ed Ruesing

60 cm Pro road, Campagnolo Record group, Frejus grey


1971, purchased new from Ray Florman's A-1 Bicycle Sales, St. Louis


Ross Hall

Blue 22” Supercorsa with Campy Record set , Columbus tubing  . Original purchase price $190 (plus $3 extra for a Brooks saddle!)


Orig purchased from from Thomas Avenia  2 May 1968

174 Warren Berger 


1779 R

Bought new in Milwaukee,  winter of 1971/1972

175 Connie Irizarry    1780 L  
176 Tomas Murrow Road, black Columbus tubing Full Campy record incl brakes Chrome--head tube lugs , Fork crown and 6 " ends , 6 " rear stays and fenders
Metal head tube badge Grease nipple on head tube and bbkt. Campy high flange hubs with sew ups Campy seat and pedal wrenches ,Silca pump .Cinelli bar and stem.
1796 L Purchased from Thomas Avenia NYC 1970 $250.00 incl tax and shipping!
177 Steve Agin Pictures 1897L

Orig. owner, bought from Thomas Avenia NYC in Sept. of 1969

178 Siegfried Ising   1957 L Bought new in Spring of 1968
179 George Piperis  

and 07BRY

Given to me (new) in 1975.

180 Maynard Payumo A "Play It Again Sports find!  Original decals in place. Pictures 6571 early 1970s?
Sold by Waystn's in Chicago, IL
181 Kevin Woest Model Tour de France  Pictures 31016  
182 Eric Wallace Tour de France 56cm, full campy, Fiamme stem & bars  31067


183 Mark Fremeau

Tour de France



184 Norris Wynn

Torino, Pictures


bought new in 1970 or 1971 from a dealer in Central Florida

185 Tom Urushitani

Road, blue, Pictures


Bought new from Steve's Cycle Center, Salem Ave., Dayton, Ohio in 1971

186 _____ _____ 32198 Purchased in 1973
187 Karen Rawls

Road, red & white Pictures


mid 1970s

188 James Huber White with blue head tube & panels. Pictures  32644  1970s
189 Peter Benjamin 62 cm Frejus Supercorsa with Campy Record set components. Three main tubes Reynolds 531 Double butted tubing. Stays and Fork sides Columbus. Color Black 32687 Purchased new on November 9, 1972 from Thomas Avenia Bicycles, NYC, by Jack Armstrong of Hollywood for $375.00. I am the second owner and have the original bill of sale.
190 Chris Crowley 53 cm blue road bike w/chrome fork tips and stay ends, Reynolds 531 w/ Campy D.O., Campy N.R. group set. 32702 1972 or 1973?
(73 pat. Campy rear derailleur)
191 Mike Hajek-Jones

Golden green olive color, Reynolds 531, Campag equipped


? (Rescued from dumpster)

192 David Elliott

Road with fenders


Bought new in 1973

193 Eric Fagerholm



Purchased frame new from Wastyn Cycle, Chicago, in 1974 or 75.

194 Vincent Moore

Track bike, champagne gold and ruby red. pictures

3494 and 555

Orig. unknown, acquired by current owner in 2004

195 Fred deVries Campione del Mondo Torino 47056 ?
196 Bob Muirhead Frejus frame with FA 58 stamped under the BB.  49724
? but is a genuine Frejus w/head badge.
Purchased second hand 1974.

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