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     Frejus (alternatively written Freyus) was founded in 1896 in Torino by Emmo Ghelfi and still run by him in 1946. The brand was later acquired by Emilio Bozzi and co-produced in Milan with his Legnano and Woolsit brands. Here is his business card. By the early 1980s, the brand license was obtained by Bianchi and in 1988 a new usage of Legnano took place in a Bianchi financed team, starring Maurizio Fondriest. 

1973 advertisement
courtesy Norm Helman

Serial number Registry
An informal gathering of serial numbers to help establish approximate manufacturing dates.

Brochures from 1950 & 1951
Courtesy Norman Helman


Ercole Bandini
riding Frejus, 1960

David Beck's 1933 #11475 


Jan  Klimeš  Cambio Corsa equipped Frejus #015215


Steve Agin's 1969 Frejus  #1897L


Mick Smith's serial #019754


Serial no. 95103


Henry Cox's Frejus track bike serial  #77945 (mid 1950s?)


1961 mod. Torino serial # 97561 owned by Joel Schwartz

Examples of 1960s and 70s Frejus...

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The web master's 1968 road bike
(no serial number on it)

Norris Wynn's #31645


Tom Urushitani bought this bike, #31667, new in 1971



City bike from the 1960s~70s
( No serial number found)


Early 1970s Frejus is an unusual brown color
(as seen at auction on eBay)


1972-3 Frejus, ala' Legnano
(no serial number)

Karen Rawls early 1970s Frejus

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This track frame set was at auction in 2002 on eBay..


A beautiful full chrome road bike from the 1960s



The  stable mate to the above chrome bike.


"Baby" Frejus track bike with heavy patina , photos courtesy Clayton Coffelt.


Vince Moore 1970s track bike


Eric Fagerholm's #33173

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