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45 Via Egidio Folli, Milano
One of the true legendary names in the world of cycling..
Few, if any, bicycle makers have had as much impact on modern cycling as Mr. Cino Cinelli.

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wpeD6.jpg (16873 bytes) In an attempt to zero in on production dates
 via serial numbers, Mark Petry created a registry
in which to place Cinelli serial numbers & info:  
The "Cinilog" is HERE  
Your contributions are requested

Laurie Weeks bike as pictured in Cycling Plus Magazine

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1960s track frame

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Track bike from 1970s catalog

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Linda Martinez's beautiful Cinelli .

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Jim Narlesky's original Cinelli purchased by him
 from Cupertino Bike Shop in April, 1971


Alan Titus' mid 1970's Super Corsa.



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Early 1980s catalog      handlebars & stems        frame building components

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