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The following is translated & edited from Boeris' history page

The origins of Boeris date back to 1927, when Angelo Boeris transformed what had been a spare parts business into a new company named Ciclosport. He then went on to patent a "change of speed derailment of chain to bike " and the "clamping chuck LIGHTNING", to quickly and securely attach a racing rear wheel. HERE In the following years, the company grew to become an important supplier in the region.

In 1959, Lorenzo joined his father Angelo, and along with the Ciclosport brand, the Boeris brand was born, associated with the production of racing bicycles. The secret of their success was to rely on highly qualified people for the specific job. An example:  in Turin in the mid-1960s, the famous brand Frejus closed, they being the maker of team bikes for champions like Ferdi Kubler, Hugo Koblet, Alfredo Martini and Pinin Graglia.

Boeris hired two important figures who had been important technical contributors to Frejus, Censin Barengo and Pino Valle. The company progressed to produce  16,000 bicycles a year, and included a special Racing Department.

Boeris big debut into the world of competition was in the 1970s with the collaboration of GS Fiat, a great team of amateurs led by that great master of cycling, Pinin Graglia, and then by Italo Zilioli . In those years, Rossi's Fiat was a winning team with members being called up to the national team. Successes continued with GS and SC Lancia Brunero Cirie with members such as Nardello and Garzelli .

Their success in amateur racing included joining with Finauto, and team manager Citracca brought the European championship to  Boeris  in Athens with the outstanding Giovanni Visconti.  


Creative rear wheel release invention by Angelo Boeris.

Christopher Gibbons' early 1980s BOERIS

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