The oldest contunuosly maufactured bicycle brand in the world!
Edoardo Bianchi started his business in 1885, at Via Nirone in Milan, then moved to Via Nino Bixio in Milan in 1899. Over the years ownership has changed until today it is part of
Cycleurope Group.

Please note, there is another Bianchi brand, that of Sergio Bianchi Cycles in Florence

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 We have decided that the Bianchi serial numbers are not a reliable way to determine year of manufacture. Here is a Bianchi race bike registry

A Bianchi produced just after WW2.

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This is thought to be Felice Gimondi hitching a ride
to the starting point during the Tour of Sardinia...

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Guy Apple's 1951 Bianchi

A Bianchi identified as one ridden by Fausto Coppi at the InterBike Show in Las Vegas in 2001

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Magazine photos of a restored Bianchi of the Coppi era..
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1960s Bianchi on display in
the showroom of CyclArt

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1960s bike, owned by Jim O'Brien,
The Right Gear bike shop, Kannapolis, NC

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Scott Smiths early 1980s bike

The web master's 1983 Specialissima
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