Edoardo Bianchi started his business in 1885, at Via Nirone
in Milan. Moved to Via Nino Bixio in Milan in 1899...

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Reparto Corsa serial numbers
to determine if a correlation can be made
for year of manufacture:

A Bianchi produced just post WW2.

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This is thought to be Felice Gimondi hitching a ride
to the starting point during the Tour of Sardinia...

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Guy Apple's 1951 Bianchi


A Bianchi identified as one ridden by Fausto Coppi
at the InterBike Show in Las Vegas in 2001

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Magazine photos of a restored Bianchi of the Coppi era..
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1960s Bianchi on display in
the showroom of CyclArt

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1960s bike, owned by Jim O'Brien,
The Right Gear bike shop, Kannapolis, NC

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Scott Smiths early 1980s bike


The web master's 1983 Specialissima
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