Bianchi Eduardo
Reparto Corsa serial numbers

Placed in ascending serial number order.

(Not that this approach yields exact dating...?)
Updated 7.13.2016

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Serial number

Approximate date of manufacture
(estimates made
by owners)

Paolo Sala Racing Vittoria Margherita 621 715 1930s
Paolo Sala City bike but with racing frame 856 605 1939 
Dale Brown Cambio Corsa equipped 972 917
 stamped on the back of seat lug
Late 1940s?
Paolo Sala Campione del Mondo   B 206 561 1950s
Paolo Sala Paris-Roubaix 287 006 1951
Paolo Sala Paris Roubaix  287 422 1953
Bob Johnson  Paris Roubaix 59cm 288927 1951
Kevin Kruger Team Pista 160 906 1960
Mark Bulgier Specialissima w/Campy (FB-style) 3-piece hubs; locknuts had dates in the late ‘50s, parts were consistent with it being a ’60 bike. 160 320 1963?
Bob Freeman
Specialissima Pictures
160 332 1961
hubs dated 1961)
Mike Short Specialissima 160 342  
John Barron Specialissima came original w/black Brooks B-17 Competition Standard dated 1962 and with Campy large flange alloy hubs with lock ring dates of 1963. The seat post is 27.2mm. It has the Campy dropouts with the "Sport hole" on the drive side dropout.  160 682 1963?
David Steffen Specialissima 21" frame. Brooks B17, integrated headset, Universal Brakes, Fiamme Red Label rims, Campy large flange hubs,      53x45 cranks, Gran Sport derailleurs, Regina 14-22 FW.   160 686
 stamped on the seat lug
 purchased used from Velo Sport Cyclery, Berkeley,  CA. 1970.
Jon Williams
Specialissima. Parts consistent with a 1961-‘63 build. GS rear der, Record front with closed cable stop, flat arm 151 cranks. Rear hub is ‘59 stamped Record
160 838 1961-1963
eBay Specialissima 161 4929 From seller:
“I was told this bike was built between 1961 and 1963
Duane Kennard Specialissima  164 124 1964-'65?
Kevin Sayles Specialissima 164 195 1964?
Eric Elman Pista, has 1964 hubs 164 377 1964?
Dale Brown Integrated head set, candy red 164 609 ?
Steve Rumrill

 Specialissma with round “Bianchi  Milano Italy / Gold Eagle” logo plate, integrated headset, Universal side-pull brakes, Campagnolo drop-outs, Campy NR derailleurs, large-flange hubs, cranks, pedals, seat post, shifters, Cinelli bars, 3-T stem.

SN 164715  1964
Rob Hartman Team Specialissima, w/Campagnolo headset, hubs 36/40 164 803 1964
Paolo Sala Campione del Mondo   200 037 1967
Bob Freitas Team bike 165 XXX 1970ish
Mike Rathwell Bianchi "Team Bike" 58cm   171
on drive side seat tube lug
on non drive side)
Robert Odendahl Specialissima w/Campagnolo 50th Anniv group Pictures 11.83 – 702 1983
Brendan Hennessey   A
(stamped on right side of the seat lug)
(on the left side)
Jim Sutton Stelvio B 089 mid 1980s
Bob Muzio Specialissima in celeste

(stamped on right side of the seat lug)

(on the left side)

Dale Brown Specialissima in celeste  Pictures 12-83
(stamped on right side of the seat lug) 959
(on the left side)

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