Purchase from Adalgisio Bevilacqua: Adalgisio kept this bike in his personal collection and, his son explained, he was reluctant to sell it in Italy. His son also speculates that he decided to sell it to a US buyer because he has family in the USA.

As related by Adalgisio Bevilacqua:
 "... It is a bicycle was assembled between 1970 and 1975. I do not remember who was the first customer who bought it because at that time (our bikes by) Galmozzi were best sellers. I know for sure that the customer was definitely a great devotee because these bikes were very expensive for that period. (For example) I remember a great friend of mine, an engineer who worked for a long time in Mexico, had taken a Bevilacqua (made by) Galmozzi fitted with Campagnolo Super Record titanium which weighed (only) 6.5 kg.
I met Galmozzi thanks to the advice of my friend Gino Bartali.
For me he was the best craftsman of the time and gave me great satisfaction."

Current Owner: Eddie Ebani of Brooklyn, New York, USA
Conserved by Michaelís Professional Bike Repair, April 2011