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Updated 10.10.2013

= framebuilder Fritz Fleck of Mannheim, maker of steel racing bikes as well as a pioneer in the use of titanium.


Fritz Fleck passed away in October of 2013.


Interview with Fritz Fleck
by Stefan Schaefter, Speedbicycles GmbH

Fritz Fleck, born 1928, a technical designer and manufacturer, made probably the first titanium racing bike, under his the Flema brand and manufactured in small series...

"Mr. Fleck, how you did you come to build racing cycle frameworks?

"I was an enthusiastic cyclist from childhood and later I became a proper racer. Naturally I was also always interested in the bicyle and its mechanics (technical aspects). Through my apprenticeship as a construction plumber I acquired the skills to build my first racing frame.This one I brazed on the floor. Later on I built myself a jig when also friends asked me to build frames for them. "


The first Titanium race bike?
1971-72 (?) Flema Super

 Flema Spezial touring

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