Established in 1932
Fahrradfabrik Schauff GmbH & Co KG
In der Wässerscheid 56, 53424 Remagen, DE 

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                 Photos and background info courtesy Jan Schauff
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Brochure from early 1960s


Rudi Altig and Eddy Merckx
with team equipment

Günter Haritz on Cologne 6-days track

Schauff racing bicycles co-branded as Rudi Altig, circa mid 1970s


 1979 Hans Schauff built special tandem for World record attempt.
Ridden by Jean-Claude Rude & a blind stoker.
The record was set at a top speed of 145 km/h (c. 90mph) 


Pro team Schauff


Aero Schauff
circa 1981

 Shimano 600 AX equipped  1982

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