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     Dürkopp was a highly respected supplier of top quality bicycles and componentry ranging from the turn of the Century until the late 1950s. A multifaceted company, it also produced motorcycles, scooters, automobiles, arms,  heavy machine tools and is still a major manufacturer of industrial and homeowner sewing machines.

Posters from the early days (Sellwood Cycle web site)


1952 Dürkopp  MD motorcycle and Dürkopp Diana scooter.


Early 1959s catalog featuring  Dürkopp bicycles

Dürkopp components from that catalog.


Dürkopp Model "Sieger der Deutschlandfahrt 1937"
Special thanks to Carsten Rehbein, Barum, Germany!

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Dürkopp bicycle on display at the
 Velo Rendezvous, Pasadena, CA 2001

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