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       Elite-Diamantwerk (Elite Diamond Works) was a bicycle manufacturing concern that began in 1885.  During World War II, they also produced small motorcycles.  After World War II, the works became part of the East German State.  Under the Communist system, they continued producing bicycles and pioneered development of alloy bicycle components.  Diamant's alloy bicycles won the world road race championships in the late 1950s.  Following German reunification in 1992, Diamant was privatized.  A new facility, apparently under Trek ownership is still operating in Germany. 

 "SSP Extra 125 Jahre Diamant" Vimeo video
by Ilko Eichelmann
This is a fascinating & nostalgic look back at the rich Diamante history. HERE

Model 67, circa 1940.

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Owned by Carsten Rehbein.

Model 167 Friedensfahrt circa 1962.

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Owned by Carsten Rehbein.

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