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A brief history edited from  www.bismarck-zweiraeder.de

"In 1896, the two merchants and Carl Gottlieb Frowein Richard Holbeck take the decision to set up a bicycle factory in Bergisch Land."

"On 12 September 1896, the "bicycle works Bismarck GmbH" is entered in the Commercial Register Lennep...(snip)... Beginning in 1897 and commenced production in April, the first Bismarck bike is delivered. In the middle of the 1000 bike(s are) produced."

"In 1918 the company is renamed, from now on it is the "bicycle works Bismarck, Schutte & Co., Bergerhof Rhld."

"In the 30s a two-speed circuit is developed, which is integrated into the bottom bracket. The bicycles are sold under the name "mountain valley as" a reference to the particular type of circuit. They sell very well. In April 2008, such a bike ( was sold )at a major Internet...(snip)... for 820.00."

"The building of bicycles leads to a close connection with cycling. So many national and international victories are won in road racing, including at stayer race....(snip)"
"The greatest success of the racing team are in the postwar period. In the Germany tour in 1951 and 1952, the team's victories are won. "

"After the Second World War, the production is only slowly. Often lack the necessary material. Nevertheless, the bike will be produced 1,000,000 (in) 1948. The beginning of the 50's out walking boom does not last long, and so the Bismarck works must Sign bankruptcy in the fall of 1957. The work is sold, the company secured the naming rights butterfly in Bielefeld. It builds up to the late 1990s or bicycles under this name."

Uwe Ott's 1948 Bismarck
Original except handlebar tape & toe straps


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