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  "Stronglight, the Stephanoise firm who before the war introduced the square fitting for crank spindles, has perfected its products by attaching the second and third chain rings with countersunk bolts and nuts with six hollow faces, a system that has been long desired."
                                             In a Review of the Paris Show by Andre' Rabault,     Cycling Magazine, Oct 17, 1962

The elegant steel Stronglight cranks

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A brief historical summary of
 STRONGLIGHT Forged Aluminum 5 Arm Crank Sets 

Mod. 49

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Mod 49 cranks on Jack Taylor touring bike

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Model 57(Intro 1957 + - )

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Stronglight mod. 63;
differing from the 57 in chain ring cutout design and the use of allen key binder bolts.

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Mod. 93

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A customized
mod. 93 crankset

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1982 Stronglight catalog
Click for 32 pages

Mod. 99 touring

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Mod 105 bis.

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 Traditional style mod. P3



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