Founded by Pierre Lyotard in the 1920s.
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From a 1920s catalog..
 Mod. "Marcel Berthet" platform pedals..

Lyo30Ber.jpg (7025 bytes)

Later  production  "Berhet" pedals

Berthet.jpg (59622 bytes)  LyoBer1s.jpg (2856 bytes)   wpe175.jpg (28720 bytes)

Left:  steel rat trap (model?)            right:  mod. 136

                            wpe15C.jpg (70106 bytes)

Elegant rubber pedal

mod. 460 touring   mod. 45 quill racing   more recent alloy quill set
Lyo460S.jpg (2188 bytes) Lyo45A1S.jpg (2743 bytes)

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