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André Huret (1891-1964)  Paris, France. Began making Derailleurs in Nanterre in Paris in 1920.  
In 1980, Roger Huret and his brothers sold a majority interest in Specialites Huret to the German conglomerate Fichtel & Sachs AG.

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1960s ad in
Cycling magazine

Rebour drawing of  Tour de France
rear der.

Tandem with earlier
 rear shifting system

1940s touring gear.

Left : Circa 1948 "Competition Standard" derailleur                               Right: Early front der.

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First generation Allvit... 


This derailleur offered a "leading edge" parallelogram
 action when introduced. It remained in production
many years and by the end of it's run, was not thought of
highly but at it's introduction, it was a hot product.


A complete 1st Edition Allvit set
 (Special thanks to Jan Johnson)


2nd version of the Allvit derailleur

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The Huret Jubilee, the lightest rear derailleur!

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L: Jubilee instruction sheet     R: A later version with drilled cages


Model Svelto Plus front der + bar end shifters..


Huret axle nuts

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