crank sets

Chalaye,  St. Etienne

1931 mention 
in Cycling magazine

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Crank set as seen up at eBay auction
(Thanks to eBay sleuth Kurt Sperry


Peter Brueggeman's Hetchins using Chandez crankset
 See more about this bike HERE

Note the use of Chandez cranks 
by Harry Grant, pursuing the motor-paced hour record use of

Hilary Stone: "...Harry Grant ... at his first successful attempt on the hour motor-paced record at the Parc des Princes, Paris, July 1932 and paced by Leon Vanderstufyt on a massive pacing machine with a roller 60cm behind the rear wheel, he broke the world records for five, 10 and 50km going on to set a new distance for the hour record of 52 miles 215 yards riding a Selbach taper tube pacing machine... "

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