"...known at the time as the "couturier du cycle", produced very few bikes, he had just one worker in small shop near the Champs Elysées, only made bikes for a short period post war to c.1952, and sold to confidential clientele of celebrities, film stars, etc."

"I don't know the exact number of bikes produced, but I would guess a couple of hundred at the very most, and if you consider the top of the line models, far less, so a minuscule production compared to Herse or Singer."

"His best bikes... are in the absolute top class of French constructeur bikes."                                         A. March

Updated 4.21.201

Camille Daudon (L) He is with his brother-in-law, G.Luez, who rode for the club sponsored by Daudon.  Photo courtesy S. Rebour.
With thanks to t The Golden Age of the Handbuilt Bicycles by Jan Heine & Jean-Pierre Praderes , Vintage Bicycle Press, Seattle

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