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The Lion Of France!

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Updated 12.22.2010

        Peugeot was the "Schwinn of France" for many years. The availability of Peugeot in the USA varied over the years, from being virtually unobtainable in the first portion of the century, to a huge influx during the 1970's USA bike boom. Then in the late 80's, Peugeot ceased shipments to the USA and sold the rights to the name for use in North America to ProCycle in Canada (Also known as CCM.)
        In Europe, the bicycles are now produced by Cycleurope SA, 120 avenue Charles De Gaulle, 92200 Neuilly sur Seine TÚl. 01 41 43 24 75 although it is reported that the brand will be phased out and only used on automobiles in the future.

1882:  Manufacture of the first bicycle "le Grand Bi" at Beaulieu.

1885: Start of full production of the first "Velocipedes" with 300 employees at Beaulieu.

1889: The first motorcycles and automobiles are made. Name is adopted "Les Fils de Peugeot Freres."
1896: Bourrilon wins World Championship on Peugeot.

1910: Company becomes Cycles et Automobiles Peugeot."

1926: The Company is divided into two parts;
- Automobiles Peugeot
- Cycles Peugeot
1940-1944: Production ceased for WWII

1974:  "Prestige" Workshop established for made-to-measure production of racing models.

1903-1983: Ten Tour de France wins.
 Jim Ruggieri's excellent
collector's resource incl.
serial number

"Peugeot show"
by Oscar Casander,
Arnhem, Holland
with many Peugeot catalogs

bicycle web site

 1950s Peugeot Touring bike



Model PX10
By far the most popular and collected Peugeot bicycle is the model PX10.
It was affordable and won many races, including the Tour de France!

 1962 PX10 owned by Peter Kohler

1964 PX10 test in CYCLING by "Nimrod."
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John Everett's beautiful 1966 PX10

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1972 PX-10
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An original PX-10 serial # 0966607 (late 1970s?)



Yanko Damboulev's PY 10, circa 1977-78

Jerry Moos' 1980s  Model PZ

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