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In 1980, Roger Huret and his brothers sold a majority interest in Specialites Huret
to the German conglomerate Fichtel & Sachs AG.
Updated 12.9.2014

1960s ad in
Cycling magazine

Rebour drawing of  Tour de France rear der.

Tandem with earlier
 rear shifting system

1940s touring gear.

Circa 1948 "Competition Standard" derailleur

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 Early front der.



First generation model Allvit 
This derailleur offered a "leading edge" parallelogram action when introduced.
It remained in production from it's  introduction in 1958 until somewhere around 1961


A complete 1st Edition Allvit set
 (Special thanks to Jan Johnson)


2nd version of the Allvit derailleur

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The Huret Jubilee, the lightest rear derailleur!

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Jubilee instruction sheet

A later version with drilled cages

Model Svelto Plus front der + bar end shifters..


Huret axle nuts

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