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       Gitane played an important role in the early 1970’s “bike boom” in the USA, along with manufacturers like Peugeot, who introduced the first truly affordable lightweight racing bikes to the American public. Many racers remember their first race bike as a Gitane – sometimes even fondly! Although the company declined on American scene and in Europe in the late 1980’s and 1990’s, it remains one of the “classic” brands with a long and storied history in bicycle manufacturing and racing. 

A great web site devoted to Gitane by Stephan Andranian:  www.gitaneusa.com

The model "Tour de France."

Early 1970s bicycle
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Jay Dubiel's original 1976 TdF

wpe40.jpg (183113 bytes)
Late 70s bike as featured in Bicycling! Magazine.
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A nice view of
seat stay treatment.
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The ubiquitous
Mod 93 crank set.

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Greg LeMond's bike as on
display at Cupertino Bike Shop

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Tandem with curved seat tube

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