Updated 10.15.2008

From the Classic Rendezvous email list:
   "Raphael Geminiani was a pro racer from 1946 to 1958. He was a well respected racer who
didn't get the big wins but was always in the mix.
.... Gem was a Climber. He was Champion of France in 1953. He was leading in the Tour de
France in 1958 before he had a bad day then lost to Charlie Gaul. He helped both Bobet and
Coppi to great wins. After he retired he was the Director Sportif of the St Raphael Team and
then later Eddy Merckx's Fiat Team. His efforts transformed pro road racing. The format of
commercially sponsored teams versus either national teams or individual start with agents,
was Geminiani's greatest contribution to cycling."                
T   odd Teachout

Gold-over-chrome deluxe time trial bike.


Touring bike on eBay in 2001.



Model "Special" frame set with Nervex Pro lugs.
Photos courtesy Matt Gorski


Youth racing bike with 500x28C wheels
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