A Celebration for Vintage and Keepers of the Flame Lightweight Bicycle Enthusiasts

Updated 4.29.2012


   The Cirque du Cyclisme events were started and hosted for 10 years in Greensboro, from 1998 until 2007.

   Catering to the wonderful world of Vintage Lightweight bicycles and traditionally made yet modern "Keeper of the Flame" bicycles; riders, collectors and aficionados of this interest niche gathered in Greensboro from around the world...

   In 2008, a new organizer took this event concept to Leesburg, Virginia, where it has taken place for 3 years.

  That event will took a "sabbatical" in 2011 year and this event, the Classic Rendezvous Weekend, took it's place for this one year.  It was similar to past "Cirques" but also unique in many ways.