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The Day Begins with a Metric Century (or less) Ride!
99ride3.jpg (57201 bytes)
The team sponsor gathers the Team designated sprinters
to decide complex and ingenious strategy!

(L to R; Turtle, Dan, Mark, Dale and Steve....)

99ride6.jpg (94046 bytes)
Tensions run deep as the
thoroughbreds await the start...
99ride5.jpg (58723 bytes)
Lonnie makes a TV move to insure

his sponsor is on the 6 o'clock news!
99ride2.jpg (39626 bytes)
Big Tom takes the pull as

the mighty peloton charges ahead!
99ride1.jpg (72776 bytes)
Smarter, more ethereal riders
stop to smell the roses...

The doors opened for
the Swap Meet and Bike Show!

99swap1.jpg (95135 bytes)
That's Joe and Elizabeth Early, factory reps from Georgia,
setting up in the gym for the swap meet....

    The floor is arranged with the vendors along the walls & at the ends of the gym, and the collectors bikes down the center of the big room....

99BradW.jpg (83669 bytes)
Brad Wilmarth with his table
of exotica and sublime!
99swap3.jpg (56659 bytes)
99swap2.jpg (80154 bytes)
Tons of goodies from Northern Va.!
99swap5.jpg (78143 bytes)
The idiot on one leg is the organizer, Dale Brown.
Show99a.jpg (61639 bytes)
Jarvis Allen's Cinelli;
The Best in Show winner!
Show99d.jpg (48792 bytes)
Mike Richardson's
"Best Italian" Cinelli...
Show99b.jpg (59374 bytes) 99bike2.jpg (90506 bytes)
Neat show prepped Hercules!
(I apologize for not making a
note of the owners name!)
Show99c.jpg (52694 bytes) Show99f.jpg (54568 bytes)
Dale's "Best British" Jack Taylor

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