The first "Cirque", April 19,1998 
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That is a perfect 1950's Schwinn Town & Country in view.
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A lot of wheeling
& dealing!
Cirque3.jpg (4301 bytes)
Reps' samples for sale!

wpe19.jpg (95873 bytes)
The tents were filled
with collectibles!
 wpe2D.jpg (111466 bytes)
Richard 's
"his & hers"

Cassidy Bikes!
whizzer2.jpg (92025 bytes)
Richard Doutt's
super deluxe
Schwinn Whizzer.
wpe5F.jpg (15669 bytes)
1950's "Harry"
Ferris bike.
wpe3B.jpg (110083 bytes)
A treasure trove
of old pattern chainrings!
wpe28.jpg (141213 bytes)      wpe58.jpg (51727 bytes)      wpe5E.jpg (76649 bytes)
Brad Wilmarth's Concours winning Hetchins.