Cirque 2005 Swap Meet & Bike Show




The registration girls, Jessica and Shana!


Darrell McColluch with his award winning frame.



Those head badge letters are cut out of stainless steel.. Very classy.


Helyett bicycle with unusual head badge.


A Motobecane mod. Grand Record for a bargain price


Help! This  De Rosa is needing adopting and being saved from neon yellow seatpost!

Happy campers with their newly acquired  treasures.

I am pretty sure all these bikes were grabbed up (bought!)



Here is a table with some nice choices....


Ron, what size was it?  :)



Mark Griffin and his dad shop feverishly.


Ben Hiniker sells his samples (He is a rep for some top bike industry companies)



Look at who is in this poster! Leading through the turn is Louis Garneau. Behind him is John Patterson from the old Carolina Velo Club.
Then that's Roger Young in the 7-11 kit. Behind him on his left is Hugh Walton (now Descente owner) and Dale Stetina! Way cool.

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