Cirque 2005, Lawn party, page 2

Bob Freitas, Ed Litton, both Californians, and Peter Gilbert from North Carolina yuk it up...


Ed's very skillfully built retro road bike, using  parts and bits salvaged from wrecked bikes!


Seat lug courtesy an old Atala....



The really cool part.... A 1950s Campagnolo Cambio Corsa gear shifting system.



Notice the machined teeth in the upper edge of the drop outs.



The winningest bike of the weekend!  Bruce Gordon's neo-classic bike with multiple titanium components.


Brett Harrell (Florida) , Bess David (Texas) , Bruce Gordon (California)  and Diane Blake (Florida).





The front rack is titanium




Brett, Bess & Bruce


Doug Fattic begins his frame building talk


A very distinctive city bike in how many colors?






This bike was displayed at the Las Vegas Bike Show... The lugs are amazing!




Doug set up his frame brazing jigs and did some brazing demos.



John Barron and Richard Sachs discuss the fine points....



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