Cirque 2005, Lawn party, page 1

Folks gather to chat, look at the various bikes (some the host's, others brought by attendees.)


 Framesets lined up along fence (taken from workshop to make room!)


The azaleas were in full bloom!


Brian Baylis' brought his exquisite replica of a classic Colnago track bike.. It won an award on the following Sunday.


Brian scrutinizing Darrell McCulloch's super detailed Llewellyn frame. Tthis frame won Best Australian on Sunday.


All the bright work on this frame is highly polished stainless steel, no chrome at all..


The VIA Bike Shop guys from Philly brought this fascinating French city bike (I forgot the name!)


(Sorry about the soft focus) Every detail of this bike was interesting.



Notice the constriction appears to be a solid fork blade which is then pinned (red dot & another below) in the crown


Imagine the bright red anodizing on the brake calipers when it was new....


LeFol fenders....


Fender mounted head light looks like a science fiction illustration from the 1940s.


Note the tiny pump peg right behind the seat tube...


Stronglight mod 49 cranks


Even the chain guard is LeFol!


Interesting to speculate how the tubes are joined to the lugs.. Only glued? Threaded and glued?



Curtis  Anthony (VIA Bike Shop, Philly) sent this very original (Won Best Original British) Les Ephgrave bike, early 1960s?




This is Ephgrave's fanciest lug pattern, the Super No 1 design.




A good view of one variation of Ephgrave's "lollipop" treatment on the seat stay top eyes...



The Philadelphia based Bilenky Cycle Works folks brought this really neat 26" tired bike.  Notice the seat & head lugs!


Very tidy construction details.



Mike Kone, Boulder, CO and David Herlihy, Hull, MA They teamed up for a presentation the following day.


Peter Mooney from Belmont Wheel Works in Boston area could not attend so he sent this frameset to show.


Very tasty decals complement the colors.

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