"The Cirque du Cyclisme Seminar Series
just keeps getting better and better."

Alan Bernstein's radical aero bike collection..

"Alan Bernstein got things rolling with a talk and slide presentation titled Bicycle Aerodynamics and Sex. I wasn't sure how the two were related, but after seeing a few attention grabbing shots of
some beautiful women and Lance Armstrong in his true "skin" suit, mixed in with the pictures of sensuously sculpted bicycle components, I actually started to make the connection. Alan also had some frames on display that were truly sexy."

"Jeff Groman was up next to talk about the Six Day racing era, which has to be one of the most interesting pieces of bicycling's racing heritage. I had already seen Jeff's amazing short video "trailer" for his soon-to-be-released full length program on "The Sixes", but seeing it
again just reinforced how much I want to see the completed version. Jeff's enthusiasm for the subject is inspiring and his commitment to the project is truly commendable. What an amazing ride it must have been collecting information and conducting interviews for this endeavor."

Brett Horton holds the honest to God,
no bullshit, Tour De France Starting flag
that was used 1903 or so till 19??. 
Like a piece of the True Cross

"I had made sure I had a seat front and center for all the presentations, so as to not miss anything. Turned out to be a good thing when Brett Horton said "I only have a few of these brochures" and was nearly crushed in the stampede. The brochure is Brett's promotional piece for his collection of team jerseys and other racing memorabilia. Not only is Brett's collection very impressive, but his candid account of how he pursues his passion was just as enthralling. Brett's approach and commitment to collecting has actually put him in the enviable position of having famous people want to seek him out and give him things. How great is that!"

"As much as I would hate to pick a "favorite", I have to admit that I was somewhat mesmerized by
Peter Johnson's talk. Peter, who said he was uncomfortable speaking "in public" and about his "life and involvement" with bicycles, came across as just the opposite, someone both comfortable with his love of bicycles and fascinated with finding others that share this strange obsession. More that anything, what was exposed in Peter's talk was his passion for bicycles. A deep passion that he had to pursue, often with whatever meager means available, beginning at a very young age. A passion that extends to every aspect of bicycling culture. From racing to components to the hand-crafted art of creating frames and parts. Peter is what most of us feel, personified."

"Chris Kvale followed with a presentation titled "7 Critical Bicycle Frame Measurements", but what was actually presented was much more. Chris showed how art, craftsmanship and engineering converge in something we all love, a beautiful, functional, inspired machine. He exposed how measurements and function can (and must) coexist with esthetic value and visual stimulation. Is there a better place for a marriage of art and engineering than a bicycle?"

"Grant Petersen rounded out the program with a really interesting history of his involvement with Bridgestone USA and the origins of Rivendell Bicycles. Often thought of as quirky and eccentric, Grant came across as just one of us, someone who loves bikes, is humble and very unassuming, and a bit quirky and eccentric. His life and bicycles are intimately intertwined, and one suspects that he wouldn't (or couldn't) have it any other way. Grant is genuinely enthusiastic about bicycles (and not just about Rivendell), and sees them as fun, practical, functional, beautiful and personal, all at the same time."

Rapt attention paid by about 100 attendees,
this shot including Peter Weigle & Richard Sachs.

"What became evident throughout the seminars was a "connection" or common thread among all the presenters. That common thread is their passion. Passion manifested in different ways, maybe, but passion nonetheless. A passion for the sport, the craft, the art and the device. And a passion for the community, the camaraderie and for the union of like minded souls. This is a great club to be a part of."

Wayne Bingham
Falls Church VA

Photos by Ken Toda, Tom Sanders, Mark Poore, John Drake, Tom Roberson, Mark Petry and Wayne Bingham