The Gala Awards ceremony! 
(courtesy of Matt Gorski)

Best in Show goes to John Barron!

Counting ballots.... Peter Johnson, Mike Kone, Alan Schaefer accept awards.

Chris Beyer, Jan Johnson (She has a present for Dale hidden
behind her back!) and Gilbert Anderson accept awards.

Ken Toda, Paul Raley, Rich Robinson and Wayne Bingham accept their awards...

Cirque du Cyclisme
 Vintage Bike Show Awards

judged by Hilary Stone and Richard Sachs...
Best in Show
1966 Cinelli track bike
owner - John Barron/Velostuf
Best British overall
1970 Hetchins Magnum Opus
owner - Alan Schaeffer/Bicycle Classics
Best British, original
1970s Charles Roberts
owner - Ken Toda
Best British, up to 1970
1960 Bates
owner - R. Robinson
Best British, 1970-onward
Stan Pike
owner - Wayne Bingham
Best   Lugs
1960s Hurlow
owner - Dale Brown
Best British Paint
Hurlow lugless
owner - Mike Kone
Best Neoclassic
Phil Brown, French style
owner - Chris Beyer
Best French
Rene Herse Demountable
owner - Gilbert Anderson
Best British Restoration
Raleigh Super Clubman
owner - Paul Raley
People's Choice
owner - Peter Johnson
Best Italian
1962 Cinelli
owner - Jan Johnson
Best USA
1970s Eisentraut "A"
owner - Ricki Garni
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