Took place May 5 & 6, 2001
An experience worth savoring!

Saturday, May 5:  
The weekend began with a AM ride for early arrivals.. Then that PM, a seminar session was held featuring:

1.  Brian Baylis doing a talk and demo about frame building.
2.  Alan Bernstein presenting a film showcasing Richard Sachs and JP Weigle.
3.  Michael Kone speaking about vintage bikes and their general collectability.

Sunday, May 6
was a full day with the road and mountain rides in the morning, followed by the cycling  swap meet and vintage bike show...

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The Cirque du Cyclisme Seminar

Groucho.jpg (75698 bytes)   Panorama.jpg (59107 bytes)   Talk.jpg (81017 bytes)  B&harv.jpg (36804 bytes)  4_goons.jpg (61568 bytes)
Brian Baylis, master bicycle frame maker from La Mesa, California,
shows a large crowd his frame building secrets.

BB_track.jpg (64062 bytes)    BB_trac2.jpg (88146 bytes)  wpe1BE.jpg (98084 bytes)  BB_trac3.jpg (43525 bytes)     BB_trac4.jpg (28777 bytes)    BB_trac5.jpg (68111 bytes)
Brian brought along his personal track bike.. Beautiful!

BB_seatlug.jpg (73908 bytes)    BB_headlug.jpg (56928 bytes)    DB-Seatlug.jpg (50540 bytes)
Brian also brought a few unpainted frames for the attendees to see.

Sorry, I failed to get a picture of Alan Bernstein talking about his fantastic film,
"Beauty and the Bicycle" a profile of two frame builders.


M_Kone_1.jpg (72657 bytes)

Mike Kone did a great talk about how we all view vintage bikes,
why we value them and what's happening in the marketplace....

A few interesting machines were parked outside the Seminar....

Aldo_m~7.jpg (26090 bytes)

Aldo_m~4.jpg (138457 bytes)   Aldo_m~2.jpg (84360 bytes)   Aldo_m~3.jpg (88910 bytes)   Aldo_m~1.jpg (84766 bytes)   Aldo_m~5.jpg (90252 bytes)   Aldo_m~6.jpg (76143 bytes)
Aldo Ross' Legnano...

Bates_7.jpg (84620 bytes)  Bates_1.jpg (62692 bytes)   Bates_2.jpg (74581 bytes)   Bates_3.jpg (71183 bytes)   Bates_4.jpg (64844 bytes)   Bates_5.jpg (57814 bytes)  
Ray Etherton's Bates B.A.R.

The Cirque du Cyclisme Vintage Bike Show
featured 68 classic lightweight bicycles on display,
to the visual delight to the hundreds of attendees!


Wallys~1.jpg (68711 bytes)    Wallys~2.jpg (68133 bytes)    Wallys~3.jpg (99566 bytes)    Wallys~4.jpg (81752 bytes)    Wallys~5.jpg (73049 bytes)
Ken Wallace's Singer won the "Best French"  award.


LB_Arabesque.jpg (102995 bytes)    LB_Arabesqu2.jpg (89378 bytes)    Redcay_1.jpg (87298 bytes)    Redcay_2.jpg (47927 bytes)    Redcay_3.jpg (74721 bytes)
Larry Black's amazing NOS Colnago Arabesque and Joe Zanoni-Bender's beautiful Jim Redcay....


Larry&~1.jpg (101583 bytes)   TheHub_1.jpg (103020 bytes)   SB_Masi.jpg (99870 bytes)  SB_Masi_1.jpg (95236 bytes)   Cin_50th.jpg (85861 bytes)   SB_Masi_2.jpg (79588 bytes)
Mark, Larry, Bikes & Steve Benson's distinctive Masi.


Frejus_KR.jpg (92943 bytes)
Karen Rawl's "Best Italian" Frejus

KW_JTaylor.jpg (78200 bytes)  BBsMillenium.jpg (99256 bytes)    Black_Mrkt.jpg (97646 bytes)   Bottechia+.jpg (141229 bytes)  Colnago_3.jpg (161625 bytes)
Ken Wallace's "Best British" winner Jack Taylor, Brian Baylis Millenium Hetchins,
Wayne Binghams Trek "Hot Rod," a great Bottechia and an unusually decaled Colnago.

CB_Morris4.jpg (27000 bytes)

CB_Morris6.jpg (64507 bytes)  CB_Morris1.jpg (40372 bytes)  CB_Morris2.jpg (25535 bytes)  CB_Morris7.jpg (25515 bytes)  CB_Morris5.jpg (30449 bytes)
Chris Beyer's HR Morris Cyclocross frame...

Gios_SS.jpg (121535 bytes)    Gios_crown.jpg (132861 bytes)    Motobecane.jpg (101686 bytes)    Ral_753Pro.jpg (181979 bytes)    Woodrup_1.jpg (81453 bytes)  HS_BiValent.jpg (80528 bytes)
Steve Sitz & Gios, Moto Team, Raleigh 753 Pro, Woodrup crest
and Harvey Sach's Cinelli bivalent demo...

Rensch_1.jpg (89622 bytes)   Rensch_bb.jpg (99541 bytes)   Rensch_crown.jpg (71091 bytes)   Rensch_seat.jpg (62588 bytes)   Rensch_stem.jpg (54019 bytes)
Peter Naimann's Harry Rensch bicycle.

JSlot_6.jpg (100797 bytes)   JSlot_3.jpg (72648 bytes)  JSlot_4.jpg (59880 bytes)  JSlot_2.jpg (74041 bytes)   JSlot_5.jpg (89851 bytes)   JSlot_1.jpg (105946 bytes)
Jeff Slotkin's Rivendell

Riv_Russ.jpg (118667 bytes)   Riv_Baggins.jpg (78405 bytes)    Riv_headlug.jpg (71915 bytes)    Riv_seatlug.jpg (55219 bytes)
Russ Fitzgerald's Rivendell

Cirque du Cyclisme Vintage Bike Show Awards
judged by Brian Baylis
Best in Show
1950s Urago
owner - Dale Brown
Best British
1978 Jack Taylor
owner - Ken Wallace
Best USA
1972 Schwinn Paramount
owner - Jeff Archer
Best Original
1977 Raleigh Pro
owner - Charlie Conner
Best   in Category
"Picker Upper"
Mike Richardson
Best   Lugs
1970 Hetchins
owner - Alan Schaefer
Best Paint
1967 Hetchins
Painted by Jay Schiavone
Best "Hot Rod"
Specialized Allez
owner - Gaelen Jordan
Best French
1972 Alex Singer
owner - Ken Wallace
Best Restoration
1980s Raleigh Team Pro
owner - Fred Kozak
People's Choice
1970 Hetchins
owner - Alan Schaefer
Best Italian
1970s Frejus
owner - Karen Rawls
Best Antique
1939 Legnano
owner - Aldo Ross

The Cirque du Cyclisme Swap Meet
featured great bargains and rare finds!!

Frame_Grp.jpg (76965 bytes)     Entrepeneurs.jpg (84536 bytes)   Big_Masi2.jpg (123365 bytes)    Big_Masi.jpg (155063 bytes)    Em&Jim.jpg (124323 bytes)
Frames, agents, Masi.....

Lance&Joe.jpg (81665 bytes)    Sam_F.jpg (77057 bytes)   ParisSport1.jpg (94547 bytes)   ParisSport2.jpg (30640 bytes)
Roadster, Reps, Sam on the mend, Paris Sport....

The annual gathering of the
Classic Rendezvous Mailing List Folks!

Click image for big pictures (can you ID yourself?)

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Stacy_3b.jpg (74031 bytes)
Official 2001 Cirque cycling tee!
Sorry, sold out!