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**On floor: Dale Brown
**1st row: Jill DiMauro, Ken Wallace, Wayne Bingham, Roy Drinkwater, Russ Fitzgerald, Mike Self, Mike Richardson

**2nd row: Brian Bayliss, Ken Toda, Marty Walsh, Fred Kozak, Curtis Anthony, Jeff Slotkin (listed in both rows for clarity), Peter Naiman

**3rd row: Mark Poore, Charlie Connor, Aldo Ross, Dick Mandell, Chuck Schmidt, [Jeff Slotkin again], Wesley Davidson, Jerry Moos (hands on knees.)

**4th and 5th rows: Alan Schaeffer (black shirt), Chips Chapman, Steve Kinn, Charles Young (white hat), Bill Matthison, Robert Clair (glasses), Sam Fitzsimmons (hand on head), Ray Etherton (black T-shirt), Glenn Fahey (hat), Larry Osborn, Maurice Bresnahan (curly hair), Mike Kone (partially visible face), Glenn Jordan (holding Mr. Adga Saddle), and Joe Bender-Zanoni.

Thanks to Paulie Davis for assembling identities!