Gios_SS.jpg (121535 bytes)

Steve is from the western part of NC, not Turin, Italy!




Gios_crown.jpg (132861 bytes)

The famous Gios medallion fork crown!



Motobecane.jpg (101686 bytes)

Is that an NOS Motobecane Team Le Champion?



Ral_753Pro.jpg (181979 bytes)

Primo Raleigh Pro with 753 tubing...


Woodrup_1.jpg (81453 bytes)

Rats! The other pictures didn't come out of this stunning Woodrup!


HS_BiValent.jpg (80528 bytes)

Harvey Sachs helps those of us who are mechanically unimaginative to understand the
rare Cinelli BiValent hub system.. Note the Cinelli "suicide" pedals too!