Sunday, April 30, 2000
The best ever, by far!  Double the riders, double the "vendors" and
more than double the display bikes!
What fun!

Click on pics for larger version...                                Updated 6/5/2000

The first three pictures show events prior to the bike show and swap meet..."taken with the patented Russ Fitzgerald method of "Wave the
Instamatic Camera and Squeeze the Button" to get folks on film while riding."
wpeD4.jpg (65487 bytes)
"This one was taken in the Webmaster's Workshop ...
as folks were happily munching down on health hors d'oeurves (sp?) ..." Russ
wpe414.jpg (29816 bytes)
"This one is of
Aldo Ross riding
that morning on the Girardengo ...
some flare and
sunspots stuff, alas!"
wpe403.jpg (35563 bytes)
"And last
but not least,
our very own
Jerry Moos."

New additions by ace photog, Tom Lauer!

wpe41D.jpg (48312 bytes)
Excitement builds
as the start approaches!
wpe41B.jpg (40361 bytes)
Confusion at the start?
wpe41F.jpg (41263 bytes)
wpeDE.jpg (62733 bytes)
The Retro Ramblers!
wpe417.jpg (28971 bytes)
Ever wonder why car
drivers get antagonistic?
wpe419.jpg (37914 bytes)
The lead pack
wpeCB.jpg (30089 bytes)
This picture, by Karen Rawls, gives you a little idea of the classic &
vintage bikes on display. The lightweights were roughly arranged
by nationality, i.e., British, Italian, etc...

Pictures below courtesy of Ken Toda.

wpe400.jpg (84190 bytes)
Gilbert Anderson's amazing Rene Herse.
wpe409.jpg (53001 bytes)
Steve Benson's
1974 Harry Quinn.
wpe408.jpg (25256 bytes)
The mirror helps show goers see the beautiful cut out bottom bracket shell.
wpe403.jpg (56811 bytes)
Judge Jim Cunningham (with hat) and a side walk supervisor...
wpeD6.jpg (42939 bytes)
A nice view of Cirque spread!
wpeCD.jpg (55969 bytes)
Wayne Bingham's table full of
nifty stuff!
wpe40F.jpg (43591 bytes)
R. Fitzgerald, Esq.
wpe410.jpg (38245 bytes)
Cabbagetown Cycles
wpe411.jpg (36550 bytes)
wpeD0.jpg (53431 bytes)
Harvey Sachs' Cinelli hub system..
wpeCB.jpg (50447 bytes)
Fine Italian steeds...
wpeCF.jpg (40087 bytes)
Bike nutz..
wpe40A.jpg (51854 bytes)
Jim Cunningham's Singer

wpe40E.jpg (66431 bytes)
Cecil Behringer track bike

wpeCC.jpg (56156 bytes)
wpeD7.jpg (39487 bytes)
High level velo commerce!
wpe40B.jpg (47358 bytes)
A Franco-phile?
Or is it Franco-furter?
wpe40E.jpg (47259 bytes)
Lars Anderson pitch!
wpeCE.jpg (38865 bytes)
An all-Altenberger equipt Cinelli?
wpe40C.jpg (59668 bytes)
1957 German Rixie...
wpe412.jpg (71191 bytes)
Part of R. Doutt's fat tire collection!
wpeCC.jpg (48669 bytes)
Some of the  attending members of

the Classic Rendezvous mailing list...
Large view (click) includes folks' identities !

Special Thanks to our Sainted Judge,
Jim Cunningham of CyclArt, Vista, Ca

BEST in Show
1983 Rene Herse Touring bike
owner: Gilbert Anderson
Peoples Choice
1960s Girardengo
owner: Aldo Ross
Best Antique
Indian w/ side car
owner: Richard Doutt
Best French*
Alex Singer Touring
owner: Jim Cunningham
Most Historic
1950s Raleigh 4sp roadster
owner: Gilbert Anderson
Best Made-In-USA
1967 Schwinn Paramount
owner: Aldo Ross
Best British
1975 Harry Quinn
owner: Steve Benson
Best Italian
Bianchi Centenario
owner: Larry Black
Best Balloon
Girl's Hopalong Cassidy
owner: Richard Doutt
Best Paint
1970s Stan Pike
owner: Wayne Bingham
Best Restoration
Whizzer Motorbike
owner: Richard Doutt
Best Lugs
1970s McLean SilkHope
owner: Ken Wallace
Best Original
Schwinn Apple Crate
owner: Richard Doutt
* The promoter, Dale Brown made this selection....

Pictures below courtesy of Aldo Ross.

wpeD1.jpg (24529 bytes)
Perchance to wake....?
wpe401.jpg (31600 bytes)
Two British steeds...
wpe412.jpg (36099 bytes)
Italian steel!
wpe413.jpg (24212 bytes)
Panto Picchio
wpe415.jpg (30913 bytes)
Raleigh Lenton!
wpe416.jpg (12456 bytes)
Cinelli Altenberger...
wpe418.jpg (10601 bytes)
Frameset deluxe!
wpe419.jpg (29686 bytes)

Early 1900s Indian...

wpe41A.jpg (29655 bytes)
Deluxe DeRosa...

More pictures courtesy of Tom Lauer

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