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Letter from owner Harvey Sachs;
 "Cinelli Bi-Valent was from my '61 Paramount. I don't think that the Cinelli's go back
that far, but... The bike was built for a racer in Portland, OR, and sold to my friend Jim
Papadopoulos about 1973, with 4 Cinelli wheels. Jim was a strong critter,
and as stubborn as me, but eventually the Cinelli hubs shed their
splines. Jim sold me the frameset about 1975 (so I've had it and been
riding it for a quarter century!) with campy record hf wheels. I was lucky
to get 4 Cinelli wheels and one freewheel in trade once, so I retrofitted
the Cinelli's to the bike on which the system was raced. They are
wonderful. Of course, Jill rode Larry Black's Cinelli, on which they may
have been original, too. Cinelli Bi-Valent hubs on vintage Paramount..."

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Aldo Ross' early 1960s Girardengo on the left. The Girardengo factory was
located in Alessandria (Italy) prison.  Jerry Moos' part Zeus equipped Alan on right...


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Aldo Ross,
his 1967 Paramount and Larry Black...
Larry has his passport around his neck 'cause he
heard North Carolina was a foreign country...


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Jim Cunningham's gorgeous Alex Singer waits patiently while
Jim and Larry Black look at CyclArt photo albums...

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