Updated 6.6.2007

Ken Toda's Huemax
Cirque du Cyclisme
Bicycle Portrait Studio
Sunday, June 10, 2007

One bicycle image set
which consists of:
-  6 basic shots, plus 2 optional, total of 8*
- Pictures burned onto high-resolution 300DPI at 8X10" (file size of 20.6 MB)
- plus an additional low resolution set appropriate for the web or e-mail (72 DPI at 8X10").

Price $25.00 including postage!
(This type of job normally done in our studio is approximately $200.00. The $25.00 covers
bookkeeping and digital LAB processing fee.

*  1) full side, 2) close up to power train, 3) 3/4 front , 4) 3/4 rear,   5) close up of head lugs  and 6) close-up of upper seat/rear stays.  Additional pics, 7) & 8) for special features, dropouts or bb shell, etc.

See images from previous sessions HERE


Souvenir 8X10" group composite
glossy from last year will be sold at Cirque for $5.00 about cost), and will be available for people who were here last year, etc...

See pic HERE 

Available here at show or directly from Ken Toda huemax@aol.com