2003 Cirque du Cyclisme
bike show

Photos by Ken Toda, Tom Sanders, Mark Poore, John Drake, Tom Roberson, Mark Petry and Wayne Bingham


Overviews of the vintage bike show


From left - Kirk Pacenti, Dave Staub, Peter Johnson, Wes Gadd, Brian Baylis, Mike Kone,
John Pergolizzi (with many fingers) Chuck Schmidt (what was so funny ?), Mark Petry,
Richard Sachs, and Peter Weigle share a lighthearted moment after the awards



Left: Kirk Pacenti's collection of lugs customized by various builders.
Right: Peter Weigle, a HELL OF A NICE GUY, shows off a great paint job and fabulous craftsmanship.



Left: A custom Trek!    Center: Jamie Swan's very sweet custom bike using the Pacenti lugs!
Right: Jeff Groman's Brennan early 1930s 6 Day Racer



Left: Aldo Ross playing with his Bianchi!
Center: Richie Sachs soaking it up!   Right: Mark Poore's Rauler.



Left two pics: Brad Wilmarth's  "Best Lugs in Show!" winning
Hetchins model "Magnum Bonam Oakham"

Right: Matt Assenmacher track bike


Left: Ray Etherton's Bates fixie  
Center: Austro Daimler Superleight! 
Right: The man himself, Bill Boston!

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