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Took place on May 4 & 5, 2002!
...If you weren't there, we will now give you a moment to kick yourself!
Start planning for next year!...
Click on small photos to see a larger view...

Aldo Ross' pics....

Three interior views of the main room...

Alan Bernstein's Cinelli with Dale's Tommasini behind..

.Winning Bates and neat details...

Dale at the front desk... Brian Baylis playing with the puppy

Early Schwinn with Chris Kvale bike in foreground...Karen & Chuck yuk it up.

Jan's Bianchi and a nice group of Cinellis!

John Barron's Cinellis... The one he is holding was "Best in Show!"

   Lou Deeter photos!

Brian Baylis with two scrumptious frames... Chris Kvale and Richard Sachs talk..

A slew of beautiful Sachs bikes... Wayne Bingham in his lair!

Perhaps the first east coast showing of the exquisitely crafted Kvale
bikes.... Wayne Bingham's award winning Stan Pike.

Richard Sach's elegant and subtle 30th anniversary frame ($ bike!)

Matt Gorski supplied a nice big batch of pics!!

Views of the proceedings....Peter Paine... chats Chris Beyer, Ray Etherton scratches (?) his nose.

David Cowie drove down from Mass. with a BIG truck loaded with NOS goodies and bikes!!

Hilary at repose, Kier at the alert, Jan dealing, Joe, Alan and John...  

Overview ... David Cowie w/ Chuck Schmidt. That is David's NEW_in_box 1970s Raleigh Pro!

Gilbert's Herse, Chas Young's Hetch, a Kvale parade, Harvey Sach's mini Zeus.

David Cowie's Sunbeam Tandem, Phil Brown's Frenchie,
& the famous, amazing, beeeoutiful John Pergolizzi "Playboy Weigle"!

A Richard Sachs dream bike cavalcade.....Boneshaker (Sam Fitzsimmons'?)

Brian, Chuck, Jan & Peter... Charlie Young, Dale with John Barron & Steve Kinne.

Gilbert full tilt... Larry's lounge.. Jan & John (cute!)... Jan & Larry

Jay VanDeVelde & Peter...John & John... John P's tee shirt... Ken Toda... Ken Wallace


Mark Gorski and Jay ... Richie and Ken Pacenti... David Poole and Marty Walsh... Ralph Carnevale and Brad Wilmarth...

Two Richie pics... Roy Drinkwater and Aldo Ross... Steve Benson

Dave Allen's pics...


Kirk Pacenties fork crowns... Gary Richardson's chrome Colnago.

Wayne's Stan Pike... Richie Sach's model 30th...

Ken Toda composite photos...