The show will focus on classic lightweight bicycles; road, track, randonneur, city, touring and time trial models, all dating from 1983 & earlier ("The Golden Era")...

what we call
"Keeper of the Flame" bicycles which have been made using time honored techniques of brazing and lug construction. We are proud to host contemporary custom bicycle makers from all around the USA who are leading a new wave of fine craftsmanship in our society.

See the floor plan for the Lewis Rec Center

This year's theme for the Lightweight Vintage bikes will be:

(This just means we will have a special section to illustrate this feature. All other bikes are welcome!)

  How to enter your bicycles:
- Please note the types of bikes that are appropriate. If unsure, please contact the event director.
- Bikes will be registered by volunteer staff, starting as early as Thursday and continuing until Sunday morning. Please have your bikes in the recreation center by 8:30 AM Sunday, May 20th.
- All bikes MUST have stable display stand. (bikes with out stand or with unstable  stands will not be accepted.)
- Signage on show bikes is limited to the official Show Bike Placard supplied at check in. Each display bike may keep their placard after the show as a souvenir.

- Event staff will position all bikes in the main hall.
- Show bikes may also posted For Sale, but are then subject to a Swap Meet fee of $25@.
- Please, no removal of bikes before 3:30 PM.
- Bike Show awards will presented at 2:30 PM in the main hall.
- Bicycle owners may exclude their bikes from judging by adding  an X beneath number.

A partial view of how the bike show sets up...

It can be quite crowded!
 Workmanship of another era!

A very special Masi detail...


The bike stands below are available for purchase & pick up at the show.
Made in the 'Furniture Capital of the World', nearby High Point, NC, of wood veneer panels and steel loops to hold the wheel and are very secure. The wood patterns and grains all are different but similar to picture.  They disassemble for easy transport. The white BAMF sticker is removable.  Contact Dale

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