Ken Toda's

   Ken Toda is an enthusiast in the world of cameras AND a vintage bicycles! As a supporter and sponsor, he will be setting up a very nice studio at this event and offers very, very affordable photographs of your prized bicycle(s).

   Please contact him upon your arrival at the CR Weekend to be placed in his shooting schedule.

1) Customer will receive a DVD disk containing 2 folders; a high resolution 11X14" @300dpi, and low res @72dpi At least 10 different views. up to 12 views if I see it is necessary to express special angles or owner can point out special features, etc.

2) The price includes shipping and handling and is $45 for the first bike, additional bikes being shot at same time would be + $25@  Therefore 2 bikes = $65, 3 bikes = $85.

3) Each photo shoot takes 10 to 15 minutes per bike. Please prepare your bikes; note that the photographer cannot prep the bikes; cannot clean or polish or make any alterations. Finger prints, dirt, flat tires will be shown as they are...

4) Payment will be accepted by cash, check, Paypal, or credit card.

5) For copyright release, owner has unlimited use w/o any fee, but C-R Weekend also have all rights on any images taken during this event.
Maestro Ken Toda, vintage bicycle connoisseur and photographer

  SILK HOPE (McLEAN/NC) bicycle/Ken Toda Bicycle Portraits

Confente bicycle/Ken Toda Bicycle Portraits
Caminade bicycle/Ken Toda Bicycle Portraits

Chris Bishop bicycle/Ken Toda Bicycle Portraits


Bianchi bicycle by Ken Toda Bicycle Portraits

MASI bicycle/Ken Toda Bicycle Portraits

Ken at work

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