Question: Why the focus on pre-1983 bikes?
Answer: The Classic Rendezvous web site has become a world-wide community of enthusiasts who see bicycle design and craft as being at it's peak in the years of lugged frame steel bikes. Steel lugged or brazed bikes are seen as the approximate  equivalent to beautiful boats or musical instruments made of wood... and perhaps other parallels exist...?  More here

Today, this "CR" crowd is delighted to see a continuation of that traditional skill-set at work in a number of "Keepers of the Flame" bicycle makers here and around the world.  You can meet some of those craft persons at our event!

Question: What is the best way to get my show & riding bicycle(s) to Greensboro? (I am too far away to drive.)
Answer:  Consider sending them ahead using We have enjoyed using this service (via FedEx) and they offer very low prices.

You may ship your bikes to the host bike shop, cycles de ORO. Please mark clearly on the outside "Classic Rendezvous Weekend". You will be responsible to assemble and then repack, but the shop will lend you tools & packing tape...

Question: Where is the best place to stay while in Greensboro?
Answer: The closest & most convenient hotel is the Battleground Inn. Unfortunately it is already booked up.

Please look at our Accommodations page, which charts the best choices. There also are special rates for 3 hotels.

The least expensive safe hotel is the Microtel Inn by Wyndham at 4304 Big Tree Way, but it is a 10 minute drive on an expressway road.

Be cautious, as there are some not-so-great hotels/motels in the surrounding area. Ask the event director if you are considering a hotel/motel not on our list.
Question: I am not knowledgeable about all this, would I be welcome and comfortable at this event?
Answer: The truth is, this CR Weekend is about people & personalities as much it is about bicycles.  A "newbie" will learn huge amounts and find virtually all attendees to be approachable and happy to talk about their interests...
Question:  I am a photographer and would like to come to take pictures. Are there limits or is a Press Pass required?
Answer: In short, NO! As long as you respect the machines and do not handle them, you have carte blanche! We'd love to see your pictures afterwards, maybe even use them in the web site?
Question: What are the qualifications and cost to enter bicycles in the Sunday Show?
Answer: Show bike entry is free!

The show's focus is on vintage bikes within the Classic Rendezvous web site's timeline, but we also would love to have those bikes which we call "Keepers of the Flame" or KOF (
those being made using traditional artisan methods & aesthetics)

We would need to know what you would like to bring. We make special signage for each bike in advance so it is important to inform us as far in advance as possible. Contact the event director with a description of your bike(s) please.

Question:  I do not like online sign up sites because I resent the fees that are added on. What are the options for this event?
Answer:  Please note, we use, but we pay all the fees, so that should not be an issue. We hope many/most/even all attendees use the online sign up so that we have access to their peripheral services for better organization.

But we also have a mail-in entry form for those that still prefer that approach.

Question: What happens to the $ from this event?
Answer: The Greensboro Velo Club is the organizing force behind this event. The CR Weekend is designed as a financial break-even project. If we are pleasantly surprised by a surplus afterwards, it will go entirely to that club's community benefiting programs. 
Question: How many paid staffers are involved?
Answer: The organizing committee is 100% volunteer. The event's expenses are for printing,  misc. food & drink for attendees, rent to use the Rec. Center, pay for the (required) Parks & Rec staff and some small peripheral costs.
Question: How many Classic Rendezvous Weekends can we look forward to in the future?
Answer: This is likely the last such event. Repeating annual events have not prospered, so we make no promises. We urge other enthusiasts in other regions to consider organizing similar events; please do not hesitate to request advice or assistance And try your best to not miss this one!

Do you have a question? Maybe others would like to know the answer too! Ask!


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