The rules governing the Classic Rendezvous e-mail Google group differ from other online forums and must be followed by all members.  By participating in the list each member agrees to be bound by the all rules, and those who do not will be removed from the group.


Welcome to the Classic Rendezvous community!  

This forum was created as an exchange of information and experiences relating to classic lightweight bikes, and like-minded enthusiasts are welcome as members. Please note that this list is privately owned; it is not a "public" entity where democratic rule might apply. This group should be viewed as "a gathering of friends who have been invited into the list owner's garage to talk about vintage lightweight bikes" and the invitees should behave as guests.

1. Sign off all messages with your first and last name, plus your city, state, and country. No anonymity is permitted. So that all members can readily understand, please spell out the required info in a "straight up" way, using no abbreviations or short cuts. We want our members to know where we are from, this helps create a community in which we are communicating "real person to real person." If you cannot agree to identify yourself in messages, please do not join our group. If you cannot agree to identify yourself in messages, please do not join our 
group. CR Google group members who refuse to sign off each of their messages as required will be removed from the group. 

2. Introduction of, and discussions of bikes, components, etc., must be within the CR on-topic time line only (up to & including 1983 but not after), or able to be distinctly categorized as "Keeper of the Flame," which are contemporary, made by tradition methods, small workshop bikes or components.  If unsure, ask the web master BEFORE posting such items. 

3. "For Sale" of On Topic items or bikes:

A.) must always include a set price in the body of that email (no "best offer," "highest bidder" or " I am thinking about selling..." and thereby fishing for an offer.) 

B.) may be only be posted 
one time. (a 2nd brief, "didn't sell here so now on eBay" is OK.) 

) must have pictures (.jpegs preferably) attached to that mail or links provided within that mail leading to actual images on the web of those items for sale. "Pictures by request" is not permissible. Pictures of items "similar to this" are not permitted.

4. Those members who are selling items should provide detailed, accurate and truthful descriptions. Once a buyer has agreed to your price, you the seller are obligated to follow through. Decide on your asking price carefully, as you are bound to it. PayPal is encouraged as a payment tool to protect both parties.

5. Buyers of goods offered on the CR Google group are obligated to pay promptly and not agree to purchase if they do not have the funds immediately available. Again, PayPal is encouraged as a payment tool to protect both parties. 

6. The CR Google group is NOT to be used to maximize the selling prices of vintage bikes or parts, nor as a tool to establish "value. "What is my/your/this item worth?" is an inappropriate topic. This forum is for enthusiasts to share and appreciate their hobby. Please search online auctions such as eBay for that information. 

7. Before sending each message, carefully consider if it is On Topic, thereby avoiding extraneous mail. In your emails, be concise and use a subject line that reflects your content accurately. "Digest" users (those who receive the messages in bundles to cut down on e-mail) need to be especially careful to delete the parts of the digest that does not apply to their new message before sending it. 

The CR Google group is not intended to be a "chat list", but one in which every message contributes to the communal knowledge base. Please make every post substantive. 

9. Please do not send "Attaboy," "Me too", or jokes. These posts waste bandwidth, and, especially jokes are too often misunderstood and create strife. 

10. Please post no more than three (3) messages per day per member to keep forum mail minimized. Make each message "weighty", i.e., having content that truly contributes. 

11. Do not "cross post", i.e., send the same message to many lists. If we take the time to read your message, it should be very On Topic and unique to our list. 

12. The expectation of the List Owner and the overall membership is that exchanges between members (whether on list or off-list) shall remain courteous.  Courtesy is defined as “the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others”.  If a member needs further amplification of this simple rule, then this is probably not a group for that member.  With respect to any and all list related conduct and exchanges, each member agrees that the List Owner, Dale Brown, or his designee reserve the right the suspend, terminate or permanently ban a member. Such a revocation or loss of membership can be immediate and/or permanent if the list moderator deems that the infraction is serious or extreme.

13. Commercial messages are permissible IF they are specifically On Topic and are not repetitive. If you have a vintage bicycle specific business, please obtain permission from the List owner (Dale) before posting. 

14. Absolutely no obscene (as the list owner views it), scatological, rude, off-color, vulgar, ugly, demeaning, or insulting language. Use thereof will result in instant removal!

15. New members are encouraged (but not required) to provide a short profile of themselves: what bikes they have or wished they had, other experiences relative to these bikes and a bit about who they are... Check out the CR archives for info on the rest of us. The original archives are here: (www. Google has archived our group's activities since Feb 2011.

16. While the CR Google group's focus is on the beginning of the twentieth century to 1983, a few contemporary small workshop bikes, made by tradition methods, or components that carry on the traditional style, are considered On Topic. These are generally referred to as "KOF" or "Keepers Of the Flame". Specifically excluded are modern welded, injection molded, or glued bicycles. Ditto for mountain bikes, "middle weights", BMX, recumbents, and balloon-tired bikes. Those bikes have merit in their own right, but they are not appropriate on the Classic Rendezvous. Also Off Topic are components that are post-1983 or are harbingers of a new, aesthetically "modern" era (like cycle computers, clipless pedals, index shifting, etc.) If in doubt of the appropriateness of your intended topic, please ask the web master first. 


By joining and participating in the CR Google group, each applicant and user hereby affirmatively waives any and all claims, causes of action, rights of action which may arise at any point or anytime with respect to any alleged libel, slander, defamation, false light claim or any other related personal tort claim. This waiver shall inure to the benefit of all CR Google group members, the List Master, Dale Brown, Cycles de ORO, Inc., and any assigns, heirs, or representatives. Each user assumes his or her own risk by participating in the CR Google group. Subject to the discretion of the List Master, members engaging in abusive or tortuous behavior will be permanently removed. 

Any and all claims or suits arising out of use, in any manner, of the CR Google group shall be subject to mandatory arbitration pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Such arbitration shall take place in Greensboro, North Carolina, and be governed by the law of the State of North Carolina regardless of any conflicting choice of law provision.

Each and every participant member of the CR list does hereby irrevocably assign all rights of copyright and authorship (as such is defined by 17 USC Section 102) to the list owner Dale Brown or his designee.  This assignment shall extend to each and every internet posting or other written or graphic depiction related to the subjects for which the CR list exists.  This assignment shall be deemed a self effectuating contract to which each member agrees and specifically consents by way of his or her participation in the CR list.  This assignment shall begin and become effective as of March 6, 2012 at 3:28 PM EST. Upon prior written consent by Dale Brown or his designee shall this self effectuating assignment be deemed to not have occurred and the copyright shall remain with the original author. 

Recognizing that actual damages are difficult to ascertain and yet are certain and devastating to the CR List, any member, former member or nonmember  who violates the copyright of either the List Master Dale Brown, his designee or any other List Member shall be subject to injunctive relief and money damages in a liquidated sum of $1000.00 per violation.  Users, members and others who access the content of this list hereby expressly consent to the legal and equitable jurisdiction of the United States Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division. 

This provision shall supersede, but not replace any other provision of the CR List Rules with respect to arbitration of conflicts and shall be deemed to apply solely to matters of alleged copyright infringement

Do not hesitate to ask a newbie question. Everyone starts at the beginning! Please contact me if you have any questions.  Have fun and welcome aboard!

Dale Brown, List owner and web master


Special thanks to Jon Spangler & Sadiq Gill.      Revised 11.8. 2015