Our rules, please read before participating...

Welcome to the
Classic Rendezvous community!  

This group is "a gathering of friends who have been invited into the list owner's garage to talk about vintage lightweight bikes."

1. Sign off all messages with your first and last name, city, state and country. No abbreviations.  

2.  Please stay within the time line, up to & including 1983 but not after, or to  "Keeper of the Flame" bikes or components (See #10 below.) 

3. "For SALE" postings should be for pre-1983 or be distinctly "Keeper of the Flame" items.
- May be only be posted one time (no error correction, no "Sold" announcement, no lowered price, etc.)
- Items should be accurately described with an "up-front" price and pictures should be attached or linked to.
- The description (esp. size) and price must be in your FS CR post itself (not another location like Craig's list)
- Pictures must be available at some non-disappearing location, either attached or on Google pics/Flickr, etc.
- Bottom line; plan your sale carefully and include everything, because it cannot be repeated.

4.  "Want to TRADE" items are very much like For Sale items, in that failing a trade offer, they are very likely for sale. To avoid the appearance of trolling under the guise of seeking a trade, Trade items have the same requirements of For Sale items, i.e., an up front price and pictures.
5. Do NOT use the CR group to establish "value". "What is my/your/this item worth?" is an inappropriate topic. For this, search online auctions such as eBay.

6. Please make every post substantive in which every message contributes to the communal knowledge base.  3 messages maximum per day/per member. 

7. Please do not send "Attaboy," "Me too", or jokes. These posts waste bandwidth and jokes are too often misunderstood and create strife.  

8.  Civility is #1 in importance! No obscene (as the list owner views it), scatological, rude, off-color, vulgar, ugly, demeaning, or insulting language. Use thereof will result in instant removal!

9. Commercial messages are OK IF they are specifically On Topic and are not repetitive.  

10. Our focus is the early 1900s to 1983, and "KOF" or "Keepers Of the Flame". KOF refers to bike frame sets, components & accessories that are made by traditional means, with traditional aesthetics. Off Topic are modern welded, injection molded, or glued bicycles, mountain bikes, "middle weights", BMX, recumbents, and balloon-tired bikes. Also Off Topic are components that are post-1983 or are harbingers of a new, aesthetically "modern" era (like cycle computers, clipless pedals, index shifting, etc.)

   The below is included here solely to protect the web site owner's ability to keep someone from copying and selling posts or content as a book or database. Members should have no fear by participating in our Google group, remembering that posting something that is already copyrighted (like a photo & more) cannot grant ownership to the ClassicRendezvous.com. 

 By joining and participating in the CR Google group, each applicant and user hereby affirmatively waives any and all claims, causes of action, rights of action which may arise at any point or anytime with respect to any alleged libel, slander, defamation, false light claim or any other related personal tort claim. This waiver shall inure to the benefit of all CR Google group members, the List Master, Dale Brown, Cycles de ORO, Inc., and any assigns, heirs, or representatives. Each user assumes his or her own risk by participating in the CR Google group. Subject to the discretion of the List Master, members engaging in abusive or tortuous behavior will be permanently removed. 

Any and all claims or suits arising out of use, in any manner, of the CR Google group shall be subject to mandatory arbitration pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Such arbitration shall take place in Greensboro, North Carolina, and be governed by the law of the State of North Carolina regardless of any conflicting choice of law provision.

Each and every participant member of the CR list does hereby irrevocably assign all rights of copyright and authorship (as such is defined by 17 USC Section 102) to the list owner Dale Brown or his designee.  This assignment shall extend to each and every internet posting or other written or graphic depiction related to the subjects for which the CR list exists.  This assignment shall be deemed a self effectuating contract to which each member agrees and specifically consents by way of his or her participation in the CR list.  This assignment shall begin and become effective as of March 6, 2012 at 3:28 PM EST. Upon prior written consent by Dale Brown or his designee shall this self effectuating assignment be deemed to not have occurred and the copyright shall remain with the original author. 

Recognizing that actual damages are difficult to ascertain and yet are certain and devastating to the CR List, any member, former member or nonmember  who violates the copyright of either the List Master Dale Brown, his designee or any other List Member shall be subject to injunctive relief and money damages in a liquidated sum of $1000.00 per violation.  Users, members and others who access the content of this list hereby expressly consent to the legal and equitable jurisdiction of the United States Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division. 

This provision shall supersede, but not replace any other provision of the CR List Rules with respect to arbitration of conflicts and shall be deemed to apply solely to matters of alleged copyright infringement


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