Charles Young suggests Speedwell serial numbers can be read
as: month/year/Nth bike produced that month, i.e., PR1273008
would be December 1973, 8th bike produced that month.
Updated 11.2.2015

Owner Serial number
Roger Mathis  17301
January 1973, 1st frame?
Steve Bauserman pictures 17307
January 1973, 7th frame?
Charles Young  pictures 173010
January 1973, 10th frame?
Joe Bergmann PR773001
June 1973, 1st frame?
Ken Wallace  1273008
December 1973, 8th frame?
Alexander March 1074014
October 1974, 14th frame?
Stefan Schaefter of Speedbicycles 1174016
November 1974, 16th frame?
August 1975, 19th frame?
Carsten Rehbein  pictures 576014
July 1976, 14th frame?
Stefan Schaefter

June 1977 6th frame?

Jon M. Crate 67709
June 1977 9th frame?

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