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Speedwell was founded in 1897 as a sheet metal fabricator, becoming adept at all sorts of metal work for many industries including automotive & aircraft. They were one of the earliest successful fabricators of Titanium motorcycle and bicycle frames and made a beautiful, if not commercially successful, product.  Made of commercially pure titanium, Speedwell frames were extensively hand worked, with filed & smoothed joints throughout. The fork was made of Titanium as well. The frame, fork and steering bearings was alleged to weigh in at 4 lb. 1 oz., but other reports say that is an exaggeration. In any case, it was very light in it's day....

Speedwell Titanium serial number Registry HERE

International Cycle Sport Nov. 1975 article by Roger St. Pierre
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Brochure 197_?



Brochure 1978



Luis Ocana riding a Speedwell Titanium bike in the 1973 TdF
Front & back cover of 1973 Tour de France by David Saunders published by the Kennedy Bros

Scans courtesy Warwick Fair

Carsten Rehbein's Speedwell #576014


 Charles Young's Speedwell
as displayed at Cirque du Cyclisme 2004


#PR775 019
Current owner
uses his bike often: "I like  the comfort and shock
absorbing qualities of the frame, very uncommon (in) other bikes"


Speedwell Titanium fork

Patent application

Complete unit
photo courtesy Hilary Stone

 Steve Bauserman's Speedwell

Speedwell Bicycle seen at auction on eBay

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