Updated 3.18.2003

   Thanet Cycles, Bristol, was a unique and innovative bicycle maker who produced bicycles from 1945 through 1958. The brainchild of Les Cassel, "the Guv'nor," two predominant models were produced:
- The
"Silverthan" a conventional design featuring Thanet's groundbreaking silver brazing methods.
- The "Silverlight" an unorthodox design as illustrated below. The Silverlight featured smaller than normal tubes (1" down & seat tube, 7/8" top tubes.) Note the design that in which the seat and down tube travel below and cradle the bottom bracket shell...Also notice the extremely small diameter chain stays...

Model "SilverLight"

A 1951 Silverlight  up for sale in 2002


   Mr. Hilary Stone, editor of Cycling Plus magazine & vintage expert, has published a booklet, "Ease with Elegance"
which charts the history of Thanet and offers illustrations
and analysis of this unusual marque.

It is available for 8 sterling plus 5 airmail
postage. Checks must be in Pounds Sterling.

Send to:
Hilary Stone

32 Heyford Avenue,
Bristol BS5 6UE England.

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