Was: Roberts Cycles
89 Gloucester Road, Croydon, England CR0 2DN

    Charlie Roberts left Holdsworth in the mid 1960s and some time later - around 1976 - he moved to 87 Penge Road, Anerley.  Then in 1983 the last move was to the Gloucester Road address in Croydon. Charlie did work in other locations building for other shops, but his own frames in this period carried either the Sydenham or Anerley addresses.
    Both Charlie's sons, Chas and Geoff, worked from a young age in the business.
Charlie senior passed away in 1979 and son Chas continued the retail business until 2015. Son Geoff has continued the Roberts brand in his frame building and repair shop HERE
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1979 brochure

1988 catalog

'08-09 Cycle magazine article

David Robert's road bike #00261


Frank Wadelton's #547


Chris Harrison and
 Eric Angell, Redbridge CC on Chris' tandem built in 1977 
"It was ordered with a curved seat tube, but 
Roberts had run out by the time mine was built, and mine had the awful twin curved small diameter tubes. "


Serial  #1372
Split seat tube and ultra short wheelbase. As featured at the 1978 New York Int. Bike Show.



Steve Valladolid's club-touring style bike  #572


Jeremy Schott's audax #85834


Road frame #88222 in Reynolds 753 tubing

Photos courtesy Hilary Stone


Another short wheelbase bike; d
ropouts open to rear.
(photo by web master fron NY Bike Show circa 1979) 


Track #21270


Fred Yavorsky's #82-19

Jeff Lundberg's #88101


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