Bicycle frame serial number registry
Roberts frames were apparently sequentially numbered until 1984-85, when a new system began, with the
first two numbers represent the year, followed by the month and number of production within the month.

Placed in ascending serial number order.      Updated 5.5.2021

  Owner Description/distinguishing features Serial number Owner-supplied as to year of manuf.
1 John Foster   107  
2 John Foster "Owned from new" 127 mid 1960s
3 Fred Lampman   130  
4 Tobin Oruch Road  207  
5 David Roberts Road  pictures  261  
6 C Shawn Road 283 "I purchased this bike new in the ’80’s"
7 Lemus Rey  Road frame picture 295  
8 John Bouyea similar to my #399 (below) that was stolen, same color, size, 531 DB tube set 361  
9 Ex-John Bouyea
"Club Special" road race, 60cm red 531 399  
10 Ken Toda Road 403  
11 Frank Wadelton Nuovo Record der, Dura ace hubs, brakes, MAFAC brake levers, misc. TA, Stronglight 22 lbs (light) pictures 547  
12 Robert Degan   555   1975? 
13 Chris Hutchinson Track frame, black with chrome forks drilled for a brake, stout tapering seat stays and the last 11” of set and chain stays are chromed. Original receipt! 570 Bought new  March 19, 1976
14 Steve Valladolid Club-touring, 72 degrees parallel Reynolds 531, Nervex Pro lugs, Cinelli BB, Columbus drop outs, w eyelets both ends. Single H20 braze-ons, Cinelli semi-sloping fork crown, integrated allen-key seat binder pictures 572  
15 Dale Phelps   719  
16 G. Campbell Club/touring frameset, 62.5cm Silver with gold accents. Reynolds 531, no braze-ons, “R” logo/drainage drilled into BB. Drilled Campy dropouts 1235 Bought new from Bicyclesport, Toronto (1978?)
17 Emanuel Arista Road bike, blue 1292 "late 1970s"
from a shop in Cambridge MA
18 Dale Brown Time trial with curved twin seat tubes. pictures 1372 Shown at 1977 NY Int. Bike Show
19 Ted Arsovsky 22" touring. Built by Charles Roberts two years before his passing. Originally middle green. Cost in 1977 was $350 before tax. 1433 From Mike Brown's Bicyclesport in Toronto, Canada
20 Martin Jacobson Red  57 cm, lugs with heart shaped cutouts, 531,  Campy drop outs, clamp on cable guides 2100 Late 1970s
21 Dale Brown 57 cm, 531 track bike, ex-Mike Richardson. Pictures coming 2127C Late 1970s
22 Patrick Jackman Roberts touring  Black w/gold accents Picture 6811 Purchased from Mike Brown's Bicycle Sport in Toronto Canada on April 21, 1982
23 Pat Farley Road 39510  
24 Fred Yavorsky Touring bike, Full Reynolds 531. Pictures 82 19  
25 Stephen Driscoll Special Lightweight,  pearlescent pink with chrome fork and chain stay. Restored by Isambard’s Cycles in Wales. 82828  
26 Mark Hamaguchi Mixte 82528  
27 Carl Fenske Summer of 1984, leading a group of students on a cycling trip in southern England. At the end of the trip, while in London, I left my group for a few hours to visit Roberts Cycling. I met with Chas Roberts where I explained that I wanted a custom-built frame suitable for bicycle touring.  I was measured and sized, and then Chas showed my several bottom brackets and frame lugs from which to choose; I also requested an extra water bottle mount and rear rack mounts and front and rear fork eyelets for fenders and panniers. The frame cost £225, plus £40 for shipping and customs. After 30 years, I’m still riding it! 84114 1984
28 Mark Beaver 24.5" black w/gold decals w/ red outline. Reynolds 531ST, Sport touring geometry, flat crown engraved "R", seat stay caps engraved "R". 57 reach brakes with 700c, Campag 1010B drops and a medium wheelbase. 84126 Bought new
in April, 1985
29 Craig King Original and current owner. 53 cm light blue metallic, Columbus tubing, Down tube lug has a 5-point star cutout. 8543 Purchased new in 1987
30 Richard Dunn Red w 1985 Dura Ace fittings. Seat tube is 22.5” ctt and 22” top tube. 85121 1985?
31 Jeremy Schott Road/Audax pictures 85834 1985
32 Jeff Lundberg
Touring model 57cm x 57cm, Reynolds 531 with Len Phipps hand cut lugs, Shimano Bio Pace triple crank set, Phil Woods hubs 6 speed rear cluster, Simplex front derailleur and Sun Tour rear derailleur.
88101 1988?
33 Brendan Hennessy   850420 ?
34 Chris Filby
75 degree parallel (!), Columbus SLX, vertical dropouts, Cinelli "Spoiler" bbkt, fastback stays, chrome fork & stays, internal top tube cable routing, Hot pearlescent pink. chromed rear triangle.
881035 Original owner circa 1988
35 Tim Moores
Road Classic, pink/blue, Reynolds 531C
881039 Invoiced Oct 28. 1988
36 Sold by Hilary Stone Road frame in Reynolds 753 pictures 88222 1988
37   Road racing, Reynolds 531C, seat tube 56.5 cm  wheelbase 100 cm  89239 1989
38 Philip Wood Campagnolo Chorus equipped. Rode Land's End to John O' Groats in 1994 50213 Bought circa 1994
39 Paul Ewing  Mountain bike w Campagnolo group set. 901124 9C-69-E) Late 1990s?
40 Chris Green  Roberts touring 910503 3rd made in May 1991
41 Des Roberts Reynolds 725 0000607

Invoiced July 14, 2000

42 Robert Whiting Audax, 725 tubing, red, stenciled logo. 010510 ordered 27/04/2001

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