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1936 Cycling

The Raleigh girl

    Raleigh was a huge and important maker for 100 years, at times being the largest producer of bicycles in the world. Part of the Raleigh heritage is being part of a shared ownership with Sturmey Archer, Brooks  and TI Reynolds ....

1936 Cycling cover

Alan Teichman's Dad's  1937 Golden Arrow

Catalog page       

1950's "Record Ace"

Model "Lenton"

Ilkston Workshop
frame building


1953 "Record Ace"
Pictures courtesy Hilary Stone


The Blue Streak


      "In 1960 Raleigh brought out the five or ten-speed Blue Streak to push sales in the teenage sports enthusiast sector. Complete with twin bar mounted bottles it certainly was popular!"

       "It took the name from the UK Government ballistic missile project that started development in 1954. Blue Streak was part of the British effort to become the third World power in the Cold War arms race. It was a vain attempt to construct a missile that could head East without resorting to buying Thor / Atlas missiles off-the-shelf. Interestingly 6 years and 60m later it was abandoned - the same year that Raleigh launched their own project "Blue Streak" (but at least it crossed continents.)"    
Bob Reid

This may be an interim model with Raleigh head badge
but Carlton transfers on the down tube

 Charlie Young's 1963 Gran Sport


Model RSW, intended to compete with Moulton.

Greg Parker's 1969 Professional


Mod. 'Competition', which used a smattering of Zeus components...


Raleigh "Firebird" lady's bike


 1973 model RRA, featuring mostly French components.
This is said to have been a result of a Campagnolo factory strike?

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img_1372_small.jpg img_1373_small.jpg img_1378_small.jpg img_1379_small.jpg img_1380_small.jpg

Web master's 1973 Pro Track


Larry Black's 1974 Pro


Charlie Conner's 1977 Pro
(15 picture gallery)

Mike Dempster's 1978 Professional Mk V, serial number SB904


Hugh Thornton's 1978 Raleigh Team Pro SB3811
Ilkeston Built, Reynolds 753, Original Finish - Only ridden a few hundred miles
Campagnolo Super Record Group, Cinelli Bars and Stem


Raleigh Team Pro circa 1980s.
Photos courtesy Tony Brown


Beautiful dark blue Reynolds 753 pro bike...


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